Bosch CEO says did not say that Fiat is using defeat devices

STUTTGART, April 27 (Reuters) - Auto supplier Bosch did not say that Fiat is using an illegal defeat device, Bosch Chief Executive Volkmar Denner said on Wednesday.

“At no point in time did Bosch communicate that Fiat is using a non-authorised defeat device,” Denner told a press conference on Thursday.

“If something is being used in an authorised manner or not, this is something Bosch is not in a position to assess, only the manufacturer can do this,” Denner told a press conference to discuss his company’s full year results.

Last week, German weekly Bild am Sonntag reported that a German emissions probe had found that some Fiat vehicles showed irregular levels of diesel exhaust pollution if the cars ran for longer than 22 minutes.

The newspaper reported that Bosch is said to have informed German investigators that Fiat was using a mechanism that virtually disabled exhaust filters.

The newspaper said Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) revealed that an emissions treatment system on an unspecified Fiat model was throttled back after 22 minutes, a sign that the producer may be employing technical devices or software to avoid emissions cleaning filters.

Following the KBA investigation, German manufacturers Volkswagen, Porsche, Opel, Audi and Mercedes agreed to recall 630,000 vehicles to tweak diesel engine software technology. (Reporting by Ilona Wissenbach; writing by Edward Taylor; Editing by Arno Schuetze)