Investment inflows into Brazil soar as external gap meets forecasts

BRASILIA, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Foreign direct investment into Brazil came in December at more than twice the amount estimated by analysts, as a weakening currency and declining asset prices triggered a jump in merger and acquisition activity at the end of last year.

FDI, as the indicator is known, rose to $15.211 billion last month, the central bank said in a report on Tuesday. The number topped a median estimate of $6.5 billion in a Reuters poll of economists.

The current account, the most comprehensive gauge of a country’s trade flows, posted a deficit of $2.46 billion in December, slightly below the $2.5 billion that economists estimated in the poll. Last year, the shortfall totaled $58.942 billion.

Foreign direct investment reached $75.075 billion in 2015. (Reporting by Alonso Soto and Marcela Ayres; Writing by Guillermo Parra-Bernal)