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Explosion reported at grain terminal in southeast England

LONDON (Reuters) - There was an explosion at a grain terminal at Tilbury around 50 miles (80 km) east of London, emergency services and the port operator said on Friday.

Essex Fire Service said it was called to Tilbury Docks at 0855 GMT on Friday and found grain in a silo on fire.

“Crews made sure the fire was under control but allowed the grain to smoulder,” the fire service said, adding two crews were working with site managers to removed unaffected grain from the silo so that it did not ignite.

A spokesperson for the port of Tilbury said that no one was injured and the situation at the grain terminal had been stabilised. The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

Tilbury has the largest combined import and export grain terminal in Britain, with an annual capacity of two million tonnes split evenly between import and export.

The terminal has 200 separate silos capable of holding between 60 and 300 tonnes of grain.

Reporting by Nigel Hunt; Editing by Susan Fenton