Factbox: Shopping list to keep workers safe during COVID-19 pandemic

(Reuters) - Many U.S. manufacturers have a long shopping list of items needed to keep workers safe amid the pandemic.

Some are obvious: Masks, gloves, and lots of cleanser. But at Calumet Electronics Corp., the list includes four mobile, pedestal-style desks for the summer interns. Todd Brassard, the company’s chief operating officer, said they normally pack them into a tight conference room. But with the risk of infection, they’ll instead be spread out through the factory this year—a safe distance from each other and from the company’s production workers.

Business at Calumet, based in Calumet, Mich., is up 25% as demand for the company’s printed circuit boards has grown from makers of critical machines that need them. Brassard estimates he’s spent $80,000 so far. Here’s what’s included in his list:

Reporting by Timothy Aeppel; Editing by Diane Craft