INSTANT VIEW - Carol Bartz to be new Yahoo CEO

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Internet company Yahoo Inc YHOO.O is set to announce that former Autodesk ADSK.O Chairman and Chief Executive Carol Bartz will become its new CEO, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Bartz had most recently served as executive chairman of software design company Autodesk, after giving up the chairman, CEO and president roles in 2006.

The following comments were made following the announcement:



“I think to a certain extent, any certainty is good, and any new CEO is better than what they have right now. Right now they’ve been without real leadership for several months now.

“She’s really facing a perfect storm here: a challenging economy, challenging position in the market ... the online advertising market is going to be very hard for them.

“But I think the reaction is going to be mixed. On one hand it’s better than going with some internal option, but on the other hand, I think the market may be a little bit disappointed that Yahoo’s not going with someone who isn’t a little bit more savvy when it comes to technology and media.

“There were other execs out that had a lot more experience with the actual markets that Yahoo is in, which is very different from what she was involved with at Autodesk, with design software. That may be her biggest challenge, really getting up to speed on the world of media and online advertising and monetization which is really what Yahoo needs to improve on.

“They just need to improve monetization. Yahoo’s got the properties. They’ve got decent share in search. They’re not doing a god job of monetizing it.”


"With the Carol Bartz appointment it's likely that Microsoft Corp MSFT.O will submit a fresh proposal to do a deal with Yahoo search.

“I think Yahoo probably needed a CEO who was going to favour this deal. We were never really sure whether Jerry Yang wanted to do this (Microsoft search) deal or not. It’s just a natural thing that they just needed a CEO who supported that.”

Reporting by Ritsuko Ando and Yinka Adegoke in New York