Tories in a dead heat with Liberals: poll

TORONTO (Reuters) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives remain locked in a statistical tie with the Liberals for support across the country, said the Globe and Mail on Tuesday, citing a new poll.

The nationwide survey conducted by the Strategic Counsel for The Globe and Mail and CTV News found 34 per cent would support the Conservatives and 32 per cent would vote for Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals. The New Democratic Party was the choice of 15 percent, with 8 percent backing the Green Party.

The two biggest parties have been locked in a tight race for months, but the support for the Tories have drifted higher to overtake the Liberals since Parliament broke for the summer in June.

The gap between the two parties is within the 3.1 percentage points margin of error for the poll of 1,000 Canadians, conducted between July 29 and August 3, the Globe and Mail said.

However, another recent survey conducted by Nanos Research predicted that the opposition Liberals were still ahead in public opinion, but their lead over the ruling Conservatives has shrunk since June.

The Liberals are threatening to present a non-confidence motion in the minority Conservative government when the House of Commons reconvenes next month. The Liberals say the Harper government is not doing enough to help the jobless.

Reporting by Euan Rocha; Editing by Frank McGurty