Oil report

FACTBOX-China's new crude oil importers

(Updates with latest 'preliminary' approval)
    Jan 7 (Reuters) - China is allowing more refiners to import crude oil,
having granted more than 1.45 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude import
quotas to domestic refiners, as part of efforts to reform the industry to boost
competition and attract private investment.
    Nearly 20 refiners - 14 in the coastal province of Shandong - have received
either a preliminary or final green light for the use of imported crude oil.
    The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), the country's
oil industry association, published the most recent approval on its website on
    Separately, the commerce ministry said in July that China will allow more
refiners to apply for import licences. Six of the refiners have already won the
right to directly import crude oil on their own. 
    The government has promised to open up the crude import business, which has
been long dominated by state oil giants Sinopec and PetroChina
    Under new rules issued in February by the National Development and Reform
Commission - the country's state planner - smaller refiners can gain permission
to use imported crude oil if they meet certain environmental conditions,
including the closure of old and polluting refining capacity. 
    Following is a list of refiners that have been granted approval from the
NDRC for imported crude oil quotas as well as import licences from the commerce
ministry. Figures are in millions of tonnes.
 Company                     Location   Annual   Approval  Approval      Import
                                        Quota    Date      Status        Licence
 Shandong Dongming           Shandong   7.5      July 7    final         yes
 Petrochemical Co.                                                       
 Panjin Beifang Asphalt      Liaoning   7        Aug 3     final         yes
 Fuel Co.                                                                
 Baota Petrochemical Group   Ningxia    6.16     Sept 6    final         yes
 Dongying Yatong             Shandong   2.76     Sept 6    final         yes
 Petrochemical Co.                                                       
 Shandong Kenli              Shandong   2.52     Sept 6    final         yes
 Petrochemical Group                                                     
 Lijin Petrochemical Plant   Shandong   3.5      Sept 6    final         yes
 Sinochem Hongrun            Shandong   5.3      Sept 6    final         no
 Petrochemical Co.                                                       
 Dongying Qirun Chemical     Shandong   2.2      Nov 17    preliminary   no
 Shandong Haiyou             Shandong   3.2      Nov 25    preliminary   no
 Petrochemical Group Co.                                                 
 Shandong Huifeng            Shandong   4.16     Dec 7     final         no
 Petrochemical Group                                                     
 Tianhong Chemical           Shandong   4.40     Dec 7     final         no
 Shandong Chambroad          Shandong   3.31     Dec 7     final         no
 Petrochemicals Co.                                                      
 Shandong Shouguang Luqing   Shandong   2.58     Dec 7     final         no
 Petrochemical Co.                                                       
 Shandong Qingyuan Group     Shandong   4.62     Dec 29    preliminary   no
 Shandong Hengyuan           Shandong   3.72     Dec 29    preliminary   no
 Petrochemical Co.                                                       
 Henan Fengli Petrochemical  Henan      2.93     Dec 29    preliminary   no
 Wudi Xinyue Ran Hua Co.     Shandong   3.20     Dec 29    preliminary   no
 Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum  Shaanxi    3.60     Jan 5     preliminary   no
 TOTAL                                  72.66                            
    (1 tonne of crude oil=7.3 barrels)

 (Reporting By China Energy Team; Editing by Biju Dwarakanath)