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TABLE-China power consumption rises 3.8 pct in 2014

Jan 16 (Reuters) - China consumed a total of 5.523 trillion
kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in the whole of 2014, up 3.8
percent from the previous year, figures from the country's
National Energy Administration showed on Friday.
    The administration did not provide a breakdown for December,
but Reuters calculations suggest that consumption over the month
stood at 511.4 billion kWh, up 4.8 percent on the year.  
    Total installed power capacity rose 8.7 percent to 1,360
gigawatts in 2014, with big jumps in non-fossil fuel sources.
Nuclear capacity rose 36.1 percent to 19.88 gigawatts after
another five units were completed over the year, while
grid-connected solar and wind capacity soared 67 percent and
25.6 percent, respectively, the administration said in a
statement published on its official website (
    Thermal power amounted to 67.3 percent of China's total
power generation capacity by the end of the year, down from 69.1
percent at the end of the previous year.  
    The outgoing head of the administration, Wu Xinxiong, said
in an address at the end of 2014 that the share of coal in the
country's total energy mix dropped to 64.2 percent in 2014, down
from around 66 percent at the end of 2013. He also said China
had now met its 2011-2015 hydropower capacity targets a year
ahead of schedule.  
    Following is a breakdown of China's power consumption and
other data for October, posted on the administration's website
    For news and data on China's power market, please click
                                          2014            Y/Y
                                     (bln kWh)        pct chg
 Total power use                       5,523.3            3.8
 Of which:                                                   
 Residential                             692.8            2.2
 Non-residential*                      4,830.5               
   -Primary industry~                     99.4           -0.2
   -Secondary industry                 4,065.0            3.7
     of which:                                               
        light industry                   665.8            4.2
        heavy industry                 3,327.2            3.6
   -Tertiary industry                    666.0            6.4 2014        Y/Y chg
 Power plant utilisation               (hours)        (hours)
 Average                                 4,286           -235
  of which:                                                  
    Thermal plants                       4,706           -314
    Hydro plants                         3,653            293
    Wind plants                          1,905           -120
                                          2014        Y/Y Chg
 Coal use in generation            (grams/kWh)    (grams/kWh)
                                           318           -3.0
 New generation capacity             2014 (GW)    Y/Y pct chg
 Total                                   103.5            1.3
  of which:                                                  
     Thermal                             47.29           13.3
     Hydro                               21.85          -29.4
 Total generation capacity^          2014 (GW)    Y/Y pct chg
 Total                                1,360.19            8.7
  of which:                                                  
       Thermal                          915.69            5.9
       Hydropower                       301.83            7.9
       Nuclear                           19.88           36.1
       Grid-Connected Wind               95.81           25.6
       Grid-Connected Solar              26.52           67.0
    * Calculated by Reuters based on available government
    ~ Primary industry refers to agriculture, animal husbandry,
fishery and forestry. 
    ^ Excludes units with capacity of less than 6 megawatts.

 (Reporting by David Stanway; Editing by Subhranshu Sahu)