Citigroup trader claims unfair dismissal for whistleblowing

LONDON, April 27 (IFR) - A former senior interest rate trader at Citigroup, Marco Arosio, is suing the US bank for unfair dismissal, including being fired for whistleblowing.

The East London employment tribunal, which covers all employment claims for banks based in the Canary Wharf financial district, said in a filing on Wednesday that Arosio’s claim is due to be heard on May 10, 11 and 13.

The document said he is claiming unfair dismissal, and suffering detriment or dismissal due to exercising rights under the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act - which relates to whistleblowing.

No further details were released or were immediately available. Arosio did not immediately respond to a request to speak to him via LinkedIn. Citigroup declined to comment.

Arosio worked in Citigroup’s interest rates trading and structuring, and was previously head of global rates structuring. The Financial Conduct Authority listed him as an approved person at Citigroup until February 5 this year. (Reporting by Steve Slater)