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DIARY-Canada corporate earnings week ahead

    Nov 8 (Reuters) - Diary of Canada (.GSPTSE) corporate earnings for the week ahead
 Start Date   Start Time  RIC       Company           Event Name
 11-Nov-2019  NTS         PBH.TO    Premium Brands    Q3 2019 Premium Brands Holdings Corp
                                    Holdings Corp     Earnings Release
 11-Nov-2019  BMO         NVA.TO    Nuvista Energy    Q3 2019 Nuvista Energy Ltd Earnings
                                    Ltd               Release
 11-Nov-2019  BMO         BEP_u.TO  Brookfield        Q3 2019 Brookfield Renewable Partners LP
                                    Renewable         Earnings Release
                                    Partners LP       
 11-Nov-2019  BMO         ITP.TO    Intertape         Q3 2019 Intertape Polymer Group Inc
                                    Polymer Group     Earnings Release
 11-Nov-2019  AMC         HBM.TO    Hudbay Minerals   Q3 2019 Hudbay Minerals Inc Earnings
                                    Inc               Release
 11-Nov-2019  AMC         FNV.TO    Franco-Nevada     Q3 2019 Franco-Nevada Corp Earnings
                                    Corp              Release
 12-Nov-2019  AMC         TRQ.TO    Turquoise Hill    Q3 2019 Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd
                                    Resources Ltd     Earnings Release
 12-Nov-2019  AMC         NFI.TO    NFI Group Inc     Q3 2019 NFI Group Inc Earnings Release
 12-Nov-2019  AMC         INE.TO    Innergex          Q3 2019 Innergex Renewable Energy Inc
                                    Renewable Energy  Earnings Release
 12-Nov-2019  AMC         MRE.TO    Martinrea         Q3 2019 Martinrea International Inc
                                    International     Earnings Release
 12-Nov-2019  AMC         GUD.TO    Knight            Q3 2019 Knight Therapeutics Inc Earnings
                                    Therapeutics Inc  Release
 12-Nov-2019  22:00       CCLb.TO   CCL Industries    Q3 2019 CCL Industries Inc Earnings
                                    Inc               Release
 13-Nov-2019  NTS         SRU_u.TO  SmartCentres      Q3 2019 SmartCentres Real Estate
                                    Real Estate       Investment Trust Earnings Release
                                    Investment Trust  
 13-Nov-2019  NTS         HR_u.TO   H&R Real Estate   Q3 2019 H&R Real Estate Investment Trust
                                    Investment Trust  Earnings Release
 13-Nov-2019  BMO         L.TO      Loblaw Companies  Q3 2019 Loblaw Companies Ltd Earnings
                                    Ltd               Release
 13-Nov-2019  BMO         HCG.TO    Home Capital      Q3 2019 Home Capital Group Inc Earnings
                                    Group Inc         Release
 13-Nov-2019  BMO         BYD_u.TO  Boyd Group        Q3 2019 Boyd Group Income Fund Earnings
                                    Income Fund       Release
 13-Nov-2019  BMO         CAE.TO    CAE Inc           Q2 2020 CAE Inc Earnings Release
 13-Nov-2019  BMO         GOOS.TO   Canada Goose      Q2 2020 Canada Goose Holdings Inc
                                    Holdings Inc      Earnings Release
 13-Nov-2019  AMC         SIA.TO    Sienna Senior     Q3 2019 Sienna Senior Living Inc
                                    Living Inc        Earnings Release
 13-Nov-2019  AMC         SMU_u.TO  Summit            Q3 2019 Summit Industrial Income REIT
                                    Industrial        Earnings Release
                                    Income REIT       
 13-Nov-2019  AMC         CAR_u.TO  Canadian          Q3 2019 Canadian Apartment Properties
                                    Apartment         Real Estate Investment Trust Earnings
                                    Properties Real   Release
                                    Investment Trust  
 13-Nov-2019  21:30       FRU.TO    Freehold          Q3 2019 Freehold Royalties Ltd Earnings
                                    Royalties Ltd     Release
 14-Nov-2019  BMO         CGX.TO    Cineplex Inc      Q3 2019 Cineplex Inc Earnings Release
 14-Nov-2019  BMO         WEED.TO   Canopy Growth     Q2 2020 Canopy Growth Corp Earnings
                                    Corp              Release
 14-Nov-2019  BMO         BAMa.TO   Brookfield Asset  Q3 2019 Brookfield Asset Management Inc
                                    Management Inc    Earnings Release
 14-Nov-2019  BMO         AFN.TO    Ag Growth         Q3 2019 Ag Growth International Inc
                                    International     Earnings Release
 14-Nov-2019  AMC         ACB.TO    Aurora Cannabis   Q1 2020 Aurora Cannabis Inc Earnings
                                    Inc               Release
 14-Nov-2019  AMC         BEI_u.TO  Boardwalk Real    Q3 2019 Boardwalk Real Estate Investment
                                    Estate            Trust Earnings Release
                                    Investment Trust  
 14-Nov-2019  AMC         WPM.TO    Wheaton Precious  Q3 2019 Wheaton Precious Metals Corp
                                    Metals Corp       Earnings Release
 14-Nov-2019  AMC         NWH_u.TO  NorthWest         Q3 2019 NorthWest Healthcare Properties
                                    Healthcare        REIT Earnings Release
                                    Properties REIT   
** All times are listed in AMC - 'After market close', or BMO - 'Before market opens', or DBH
- 'During business hours', or NTS - 'No time scheduled'

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