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Canada posts July trade deficit of C$2.45 billion

OTTAWA, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Canada posted a trade deficit of C$2.45 billion ($1.87 billion) in July, Statistics Canada said on Thursday.

Motor vehicles and parts was once again the driver for both imports and exports, while June saw a large revision as a result of updated calculations regarding crude oil prices. Statscan cut the June deficit to C$1.59 billion from an initial C$3.19 billion.

Following are the seasonally adjusted figures in billions of Canadian dollars:

Merchandise trade July June (rev) change pct June (prev)

Balance -2.451 -1.589 n/a -3.189 Exports 45.428 40.899 11.1 39.707 Imports 47.879 42.487 12.7 42.896

NOTE: Analysts surveyed by Reuters had on average forecast a deficit of C$2.50 billion in July.

$1=1.31 Canadian dollars Reporting by David Ljunggren and Dale Smith