E! co-founder launches celebrity website

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The co-founder of E! is launching a celebrity-focused online network complete with several programs in the hope of establishing a new brand in the entertainment programing space.

Alan Mruvka created E! (then called Movietime) 23 years ago with Larry Namer. Last week, he returned to his roots with the launch of the Look, a new site at, which aims to blend fashion and celebrity programing with an e-commerce sales site.

“When I was pitching E!, I used to say that TV is like a newspaper; there’s headlines and sports, but there was no (entertainment) section,” Mruvka said. “Now TV is like a magazine stand, with golf and food and everything else -- it’s narrowcasting. Well, the thickest magazines are fashion magazines; that’s where the money is. The Look is as if you were to take InStyle magazine and make a network out of it.”

Mruvka has been working on the Look for three years and is launching with about $10 million in self-raised investment capital. The Look isn’t aiming for linear cable network distribution -- at least not yet.

“I don’t believe it’s still about launching a network and getting it on TV any way you can,” he said. “The convergence of the Internet and TV is closer than ever, and I want to be on the edge of that.”

Mruvka describes the Look as best resembling a hybrid of E! and its spinoff channel, the Style Network. “Our goal is to be the place to go to see what your favorite star is wearing and then buy it right then and there,” Mruvka said.