Czech watchdog to investigate indications of coordination in mobile phone sector

PRAGUE, March 13 (Reuters) - The Czech anti-monopoly regulator UOHS said on Monday it would start an investigation into the market for mobile voice and data services to see if there is any illegal coordinated action among operators.

“The goal will be to find out whether there exists any reason for the competition regulator to take action in these markets,” it said in a statement on its website.

“This will concern investigating indications whether...there has been banned coordination of competitors, or abuse of dominant position,” it said.

Operators O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile and Vodafone have been criticised by politicians who say Czechs pay some of the highest mobile and data prices in Europe. Political parties have agreed to fast-track legislation this year with the aim of bringing prices down. (Reporting by Jason Hovet; Editing by Jan Lopatka)