Ukrainian tycoon Firtash takes over bank Nadra

KIEV, May 4 (Reuters) - Ukrainian chemicals-to-media tycoon Dmytro Firtash has taken over Nadra, a large troubled bank that has been under central bank management since 2009, Nadra said on Wednesday.

Firtash’s Austria-registered firm Centragas Holding bought an entire additional stock issue by Nadra making up 89.97 percent of its shares for 3.5 billion hryvnias ($440 million), Nadra said in a statement.

Nadra, with assets of 22.9 billion hryvnias, is Ukraine’s 11th largest bank. It has restructured its foreign debt with significant write-offs after going into default in 2009.

Firtash, who sponsored President Viktor Yanukovich’s 2010 election campaign, has gained publicity as a co-owner of gas trading firm RosUkrEnergo which resold Russian gas in Ukraine in 2006-2009.

The outgoing government of Yulia Tymoshenko dropped RosUkrEnergo as an intermediary in 2009 and the company accused the state of confiscating large volumes of gas from it.

It won an arbitration case last year and was awarded about $3 billion worth of gas. (Reporting by Natalya Zinets; Writing by Olzhas Auyezov; Editing by David Cowell)