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DIARY - European Market Holidays to December 2013

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                         2013 MARKET HOLIDAYS
   Please note events listed below are subject to change, will
be updated on a regular basis
   Date       Country
   1-Jan        Austria
   1-Jan        Belgium
   1-Jan        Bulgaria
   1-Jan        Croatia
   1-Jan        Cyprus
   1-Jan        Czech Republic
   1-Jan        Denmark
   1-Jan        Estonia
   1-Jan        Finland
   1-Jan        France
   1-Jan        Germany
   1-Jan        Greece
   1-Jan        Hungary
   1-Jan        Iceland
   1-Jan        Ireland
   1-Jan        Italy
   1-Jan        Latvia
   1-Jan        Lithuania
   1-Jan        Luxembourg
   1-Jan        Malta
   1-Jan        Netherlands
   1-Jan        Norway
   1-Jan        Poland
   1-Jan        Portugal
   1-Jan        Romania
   1-Jan        Serbia
   1-Jan        Slovak Republic
   1-Jan        Slovenia
   1-Jan        Spain
   1-Jan        Sweden
   1-Jan        Switzerland
   1-Jan        Turkey
   1-Jan        Ukraine
   1-Jan        United Kingdom
   2-Jan        Malta
   2-Jan        Romania
   2-Jan        Serbia
   2-Jan        Slovenia
   2-Jan        Switzerland
   3-Jan        Malta
   7-Jan        Serbia
   7-Jan        Ukraine
   8-Feb        Slovenia
  15-Feb        Serbia
   8-Mar        Ukraine
  11-Mar        Lithuania
  15-Mar        Hungary
  18-Mar        Cyprus
  18-Mar        Greece
  19-Mar        Malta
  25-Mar        Cyprus
  25-Mar        Greece
  28-Mar        Denmark
  28-Mar        Iceland
  28-Mar        Norway
  29-Mar        Austria
  29-Mar        Belgium
  29-Mar        Bulgaria
  29-Mar        Cyprus
  29-Mar        Denmark
  29-Mar        Estonia
  29-Mar        Finland
  29-Mar        France
  29-Mar        Germany
  29-Mar        Greece
  29-Mar        Hungary
  29-Mar        Iceland
  29-Mar        Ireland
  29-Mar        Italy
  29-Mar        Latvia
  29-Mar        Lithuania
  29-Mar        Luxembourg
  29-Mar        Malta
  29-Mar        Netherlands
  29-Mar        Norway
  29-Mar        Poland
  29-Mar        Portugal
  29-Mar        Slovak Republic
  29-Mar        Slovenia
  29-Mar        Spain
  29-Mar        Sweden
  29-Mar        Switzerland
  29-Mar        United Kingdom
   1-Apr        Austria
   1-Apr        Belgium
   1-Apr        Bulgaria
   1-Apr        Croatia
   1-Apr        Cyprus
   1-Apr        Czech Republic
   1-Apr        Denmark
   1-Apr        Estonia
   1-Apr        Finland
   1-Apr        France
   1-Apr        Germany
   1-Apr        Greece
   1-Apr        Hungary
   1-Apr        Iceland
   1-Apr        Ireland
   1-Apr        Italy
   1-Apr        Latvia
   1-Apr        Lithuania
   1-Apr        Luxembourg
   1-Apr        Netherlands
   1-Apr        Norway
   1-Apr        Poland
   1-Apr        Portugal
   1-Apr        Slovak Republic
   1-Apr        Slovenia
   1-Apr        Spain
   1-Apr        Sweden
   1-Apr        Switzerland
   1-Apr        United Kingdom
  23-Apr        Turkey
  25-Apr        Iceland
  26-Apr        Denmark
   1-May        Austria
   1-May        Belgium
   1-May        Bulgaria
   1-May        Croatia
   1-May        Cyprus
   1-May        Czech Republic
   1-May        Estonia
   1-May        Finland
   1-May        France
   1-May        Germany
   1-May        Greece
   1-May        Hungary
   1-May        Iceland
   1-May        Ireland
   1-May        Italy
   1-May        Latvia
   1-May        Lithuania
   1-May        Luxembourg
   1-May        Malta
   1-May        Netherlands
   1-May        Norway
   1-May        Poland
   1-May        Portugal
   1-May        Romania
   1-May        Serbia
   1-May        Slovak Republic
   1-May        Slovenia
   1-May        Spain
   1-May        Sweden
   1-May        Switzerland
   1-May        Turkey
   1-May        Ukraine
   2-May        Serbia
   2-May        Slovenia
   2-May        Ukraine
   3-May        Bulgaria
   3-May        Cyprus
   3-May        Greece
   3-May        Poland
   3-May        Serbia
   3-May        Ukraine
   6-May        Bulgaria
   6-May        Cyprus
   6-May        Greece
   6-May        Ireland
   6-May        Latvia
   6-May        Romania
   6-May        Serbia
   6-May        Ukraine
   6-May        United Kingdom
   7-May        Cyprus
   8-May        Czech Republic
   8-May        Slovak Republic
   9-May        Austria
   9-May        Denmark
   9-May        Estonia
   9-May        Finland
   9-May        Iceland
   9-May        Latvia
   9-May        Lithuania
   9-May        Luxembourg
   9-May        Norway
   9-May        Sweden
   9-May        Switzerland
   9-May        Ukraine
  10-May        Denmark
  10-May        Ukraine
  20-May        Austria
  20-May        Denmark
  20-May        Hungary
  20-May        Iceland
  20-May        Luxembourg
  20-May        Norway
  20-May        Switzerland
  24-May        Bulgaria
  27-May        United Kingdom
  30-May        Austria
  30-May        Croatia
  30-May        Poland
   3-Jun        Ireland
   5-Jun        Denmark
   6-Jun        Sweden
   7-Jun        Malta
  17-Jun        Iceland
  21-Jun        Finland
  24-Jun        Cyprus
  24-Jun        Estonia
  24-Jun        Greece
  24-Jun        Latvia
  24-Jun        Lithuania
  24-Jun        Romania
  24-Jun        Ukraine
  25-Jun        Croatia
  25-Jun        Slovenia
  28-Jun        Ukraine
   5-Jul        Czech Republic
   5-Jul        Slovak Republic
   1-Aug        Switzerland
   5-Aug        Croatia
   5-Aug        Iceland
   8-Aug        Turkey
   9-Aug        Turkey
  15-Aug        Austria
  15-Aug        Croatia
  15-Aug        Cyprus
  15-Aug        Greece
  15-Aug        Italy
  15-Aug        Lithuania
  15-Aug        Luxembourg
  15-Aug        Malta
  15-Aug        Poland
  15-Aug        Romania
  15-Aug        Slovenia
  16-Aug        Lithuania
  19-Aug        Hungary
  20-Aug        Estonia
  20-Aug        Hungary
  26-Aug        Ukraine
  26-Aug        United Kingdom
  29-Aug        Slovak Republic
  30-Aug        Turkey
   6-Sep        Bulgaria
   1-Oct        Cyprus
   8-Oct        Croatia
  15-Oct        Turkey
  16-Oct        Turkey
  17-Oct        Turkey
  18-Oct        Turkey
  23-Oct        Hungary
  28-Oct        Cyprus
  28-Oct        Czech Republic
  28-Oct        Greece
  29-Oct        Turkey
  31-Oct        Slovenia
   1-Nov        Austria
   1-Nov        Croatia
   1-Nov        Hungary
   1-Nov        Lithuania
   1-Nov        Luxembourg
   1-Nov        Poland
   1-Nov        Slovak Republic
   1-Nov        Slovenia
  11-Nov        Poland
  18-Nov        Latvia
   6-Dec        Finland
  13-Dec        Malta
  24-Dec        Austria
  24-Dec        Bulgaria
  24-Dec        Cyprus
  24-Dec        Czech Republic
  24-Dec        Denmark
  24-Dec        Estonia
  24-Dec        Finland
  24-Dec        Germany
  24-Dec        Greece
  24-Dec        Hungary
  24-Dec        Iceland
  24-Dec        Italy
  24-Dec        Latvia
  24-Dec        Lithuania
  24-Dec        Malta
  24-Dec        Norway
  24-Dec        Poland
  24-Dec        Slovak Republic
  24-Dec        Sweden
  24-Dec        Switzerland
  25-Dec        Austria
  25-Dec        Belgium
  25-Dec        Bulgaria
  25-Dec        Croatia
  25-Dec        Cyprus
  25-Dec        Czech Republic
  25-Dec        Denmark
  25-Dec        Estonia
  25-Dec        Finland
  25-Dec        France
  25-Dec        Germany
  25-Dec        Greece
  25-Dec        Hungary
  25-Dec        Iceland
  25-Dec        Ireland
  25-Dec        Italy
  25-Dec        Latvia
  25-Dec        Lithuania
  25-Dec        Luxembourg
  25-Dec        Malta
  25-Dec        Netherlands
  25-Dec        Norway
  25-Dec        Poland
  25-Dec        Portugal
  25-Dec        Romania
  25-Dec        Slovak Republic
  25-Dec        Slovenia
  25-Dec        Spain
  25-Dec        Sweden
  25-Dec        Switzerland
  25-Dec        United Kingdom
  26-Dec        Austria
  26-Dec        Belgium
  26-Dec        Bulgaria
  26-Dec        Croatia
  26-Dec        Cyprus
  26-Dec        Czech Republic
  26-Dec        Denmark
  26-Dec        Estonia
  26-Dec        Finland
  26-Dec        France
  26-Dec        Germany
  26-Dec        Greece
  26-Dec        Hungary
  26-Dec        Iceland
  26-Dec        Ireland
  26-Dec        Italy
  26-Dec        Latvia
  26-Dec        Lithuania
  26-Dec        Luxembourg
  26-Dec        Malta
  26-Dec        Netherlands
  26-Dec        Norway
  26-Dec        Poland
  26-Dec        Portugal
  26-Dec        Romania
  26-Dec        Slovak Republic
  26-Dec        Slovenia
  26-Dec        Spain
  26-Dec        Sweden
  26-Dec        Switzerland
  26-Dec        United Kingdom
  27-Dec        Lithuania
  31-Dec        Austria
  31-Dec        Bulgaria
  31-Dec        Czech Republic
  31-Dec        Denmark
  31-Dec        Estonia
  31-Dec        Finland
  31-Dec        Germany
  31-Dec        Iceland
  31-Dec        Italy
  31-Dec        Latvia
  31-Dec        Lithuania
  31-Dec        Malta
  31-Dec        Norway
  31-Dec        Sweden
  31-Dec        Switzerland
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