October 21, 2013 / 3:00 AM / 4 years ago

DIARY - UK and Irish Corporate events from Oct 21,2013

THOMSON REUTERS , Diary of UK and Irish Corporate events 
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   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       DATE     GMT    COMPANY NAME                         EVENT         RIC 
   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ---------- 
       18/Oct  06:00   ANGLO AMERICAN PLC                   Q3 OUTPUT     
   *   18/Oct          AMIAD WATER SYSTEMS LTD              TRADING       
       18/Oct  13:30   Christian Dior SA                    MEET          
       18/Oct          EVRAZ PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       18/Oct  06:00   PROVIDENT FINANCIAL PLC              TRADING       
       18/Oct          POLYUS GOLD INTERNATIONAL LTD        TRADING       
       18/Oct  BMO     RECORD PLC                           TRADING       
       18/Oct  11:00   SHEPHERD NEAME LTD                   AGM           
   *   18/Oct  BMO     STATPRO GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
       18/Oct  11:00   JOHN SWAN AND SONS PLC               AGM           
       18/Oct  06:00   SPECTRIS PLC                         TRADING       
       18/Oct  07:00   SPECTRIS PLC                         CONFCALL      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       21/Oct          HEATHROW AIRPORT HOLDINGS LTD        Q3            
       21/Oct          INFORMA PLC                          TRADING       
       21/Oct  BMO     QUINDELL PORTFOLIO PLC               TRADING       
       21/Oct  11:00   REDSTONE PLC                         MEET          
       21/Oct          SENIOR PLC                           TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       22/Oct  06:00   ARM HOLDINGS PLC                     Q3            
       22/Oct  08:30   ARM HOLDINGS PLC                     CONFCALL      
       22/Oct  BMO     B P MARSH AND PARTNERS PLC           H1            
       22/Oct  09:00   B P MARSH AND PARTNERS PLC           ANALYST       
   *   22/Oct          DEVELOPMENT SECURITIES PLC           H1            
   *   22/Oct          ECO ANIMAL HEALTH GROUP PLC          MEET          
       22/Oct  BMO     EPISTEM HOLDINGS PLC                 PRELIM        
       22/Oct  08:30   EPISTEM HOLDINGS PLC                 ANALYST       
       22/Oct          GKN PLC                              Q3 TRADE      
       22/Oct          PETROPAVLOVSK PLC                    TRADING       
       22/Oct  06:00   RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC          Q3 TRADE      
       22/Oct  07:30   RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC          CONFCALL      
       22/Oct  BMO     SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               PRELIM        
       22/Oct  09:30   SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               ANALYST       
       22/Oct  BMO     UBM PLC                              TRADING       
       22/Oct          WHITBREAD PLC                        H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       23/Oct  09:00   ARCONTECH GROUP PLC                  AGM           
       23/Oct          ASOS PLC                             YRTRADE       
       23/Oct  BMO     BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC         TRADING       
       23/Oct          COMPUTACENTER PLC                    TRADING       
       23/Oct  13:00   GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC                  CONFCALL      
       23/Oct  11:00   GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC                  Q3            
       23/Oct  10:00   HAMBLEDON MINING PLC                 MEET          
       23/Oct          HUNTSWORTH PLC                       Capital Market 
       23/Oct          HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                Q2            
       23/Oct  08:30   HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                ANALYST       
       23/Oct          HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP PLC          AGM           
       23/Oct          LAIRD PLC                            TRADING       
       23/Oct          SPORTS DIRECT INTERNATIONAL PLC      TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       24/Oct  10:00   ARCHIPELAGO RESOURCES PLC            MEET          
       24/Oct  BMO     AVACTA GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
       24/Oct          AZ ELECTRONIC MATERIALS SA           TRADING       
       24/Oct  BMO     BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING PLC            H1            
       24/Oct  08:00   BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING PLC            ANALYST       
       24/Oct  10:00   BHP BILLITON PLC                     S/HOLDERS     
       24/Oct  06:00   DEBENHAMS PLC                        FINAL         
       24/Oct  08:00   DEBENHAMS PLC                        ANALYST       
       24/Oct  12:30   ELAN CORP PLC                        CONFCALL      
       24/Oct  BMO     ELAN CORP PLC                        Q3            
       24/Oct  BMO     ENSCO PLC                            Q3            
       24/Oct  15:00   ENSCO PLC                            CONFCALL      
       24/Oct  10:15   FIBERWEB PLC                         MEET          
       24/Oct          GLOBO PLC                            INVESTOR      
       24/Oct  10:00   GO-AHEAD GROUP PLC                   AGM           
       24/Oct          GO-AHEAD GROUP PLC                   TRADING       
       24/Oct  13:00   ICON PLC                             ANALYST       
       24/Oct          ICON PLC                             Q3            
       24/Oct          INCHCAPE PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
       24/Oct          KAZAKHMYS PLC                        TRADING       
   *   24/Oct  06:00   PROMETHEAN WORLD PLC                 TRADING       
       24/Oct  10:00   R.E.A HOLDINGS PLC                   EGM           
       24/Oct          SEGRO PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       24/Oct  13:00   SHIRE PLC                            CONFCALL      
       24/Oct  11:00   SHIRE PLC                            Q3            
       24/Oct          ST. JAMES'S PLACE PLC                NEWBIZ        
       24/Oct  BMO     STOBART GROUP LTD                    H1            
       24/Oct  08:30   STOBART GROUP LTD                    ANALYST       
       24/Oct  09:30   THORNTONS PLC                        AGM           
       24/Oct  06:00   UNILEVER PLC                         Q3            
       24/Oct          WPP PLC                              TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       25/Oct          CEREP SA                             H1            
       25/Oct  BMO     APR ENERGY PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
   *   25/Oct          CERES POWER HOLDINGS PLC             INVESTOR      
       25/Oct  09:00   GALLEON HOLDINGS PLC                 AGM           
       25/Oct          HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC              AGM           
       25/Oct  11:30   MURRAY INCOME TRUST PLC              AGM           
       25/Oct          SAREUM HOLDINGS PLC                  INVESTOR      
   *   25/Oct          SURGICAL INNOVATIONS GROUP PLC       INVESTOR      
       25/Oct          SVG CAPITAL PLC                      TRADING       
       25/Oct          VESUVIUS PLC                         TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       28/Oct  08:30   AGGREKO PLC                          CONFCALL      
       28/Oct  BMO     AGGREKO PLC                          TRADING       
       28/Oct  15:00   CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT TRUST PLC  AGM           
       28/Oct  14:00   EVOCUTIS PLC                         MEET          
   *   28/Oct  AMC     SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC               Q1            
       28/Oct  21:00   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC               CONFCALL      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   29/Oct          ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC                  INVESTOR      
   *   29/Oct  14:00   BP PLC                               CONFCALL      
       29/Oct  07:00   BP PLC                               Q3            
       29/Oct          BRAEMAR SHIPPING SERVICES PLC        H1            
       29/Oct  12:30   BRAEMAR SHIPPING SERVICES PLC        ANALYST       
       29/Oct          DRAGON OIL PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
       29/Oct  07:00   GLANBIA PLC                          TRADING       
       29/Oct  08:30   GLANBIA PLC                          CONFCALL      
   *   29/Oct  07:00   LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC             Q3 TRADE      
   *   29/Oct  09:30   LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC             CONFCALL      
       29/Oct          NATIONAL EXPRESS GROUP PLC           Q3 TRADE      
   *   29/Oct          PERFORM GROUP PLC                    Q3 TRADE      
   *   29/Oct  BMO     STAGECOACH GROUP PLC                 TRADING       
       29/Oct  04:00   STANDARD CHARTERED PLC               Q3 TRADE      
       29/Oct  08:00   STANDARD CHARTERED PLC               CONFCALL      
   *   29/Oct          TISSUE REGENIX GROUP PLC             INVESTOR      
       29/Oct          WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC         Q3            
       29/Oct  09:00   WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC         CONFCALL      
       29/Oct  AMC     WILLIS GROUP HOLDINGS PLC            Q3            
       29/Oct  09:00   EXPANSYS PLC                         AGM           
   *   29/Oct          ZAMANO PLC                           INVESTOR      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       30/Oct  12:00   AFRICAN BARRICK GOLD PLC             CONFCALL      
       30/Oct  07:00   AFRICAN BARRICK GOLD PLC             Q3            
       30/Oct  12:00   ASHMORE GROUP PLC                    AGM           
       30/Oct  BMO     ADVANCED COMPUTER SOFTWARE GROUP PLC H1            
       30/Oct  07:00   BARCLAYS PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct  10:00   C&C GROUP PLC                        CONFCALL      
       30/Oct  08:00   C&C GROUP PLC                        H1            
       30/Oct          GENEL ENERGY PLC                     Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct  07:00   GLOBAL HEALTH PARTNER AB             Q3            
       30/Oct          KERRY GROUP PLC                      Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct          KERRY GROUP PLC                      CONFCALL      
       30/Oct          NEXT PLC                             Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct          SPORTECH PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct  10:15   THE STANLEY GIBBONS GROUP LTD        MEET          
       30/Oct          STANDARD LIFE PLC                    Q3 TRADE      
       30/Oct  16:30   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC               S/HOLDERS     
   *   30/Oct  11:00   VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                S/HOLDERS     
       30/Oct  12:00   WILLIS GROUP HOLDINGS PLC            CONFCALL      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       31/Oct  BMO     AFREN PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       31/Oct          ANTOFAGASTA PLC                      Q3            
       31/Oct          AVOCET MINING PLC                    Q3            
   *   31/Oct  12:00   ASTRAZENECA PLC                      CONFCALL      
   *   31/Oct  08:00   ASTRAZENECA PLC                      Q3            
   *   31/Oct  12:00   BG GROUP PLC                         CONFCALL      
   *   31/Oct  07:00   BG GROUP PLC                         Q3            
       31/Oct          BT GROUP PLC                         Q2            
       31/Oct          COLT GROUP SA                        Q3 TRADE      
       31/Oct          CRODA INTERNATIONAL PLC              Q3 TRADE      
       31/Oct          COUNTRYWIDE PLC                      TRADING       
       31/Oct  10:00   GENESIS EMERGING MARKETS FUND LTD    AGM           
       31/Oct          HENDERSON GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
       31/Oct  BMO     PBF ENERGY INC                       Q3            
       31/Oct  12:30   PBF ENERGY INC                       CONFCALL      
       31/Oct          PREMIER FOODS PLC                    Q3 TRADE      
   *   31/Oct          RPS GROUP PLC                        TRADING       
       31/Oct  13:30   SMITH & NEPHEW PLC                   CONFCALL      
       31/Oct  11:00   SMITH & NEPHEW PLC                   Q3            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   01/Nov  11:00   ACAL PLC                             MEET          
       01/Nov  11:00   ANTISOMA PLC                         AGM           
       01/Nov          BERENDSEN PLC                        TRADING       
   *   01/Nov  10:00   DIGITAL BARRIERS PLC                 MEET          
   *   01/Nov  10:00   DIRECT LINE INSURANCE GROUP PLC      CONFCALL      
   *   01/Nov  07:00   DIRECT LINE INSURANCE GROUP PLC      Q3 TRADE      
       01/Nov          ELEMENTIS PLC                        TRADING       
       01/Nov          F&C ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC             TRADING       
       01/Nov          MEGGITT PLC                          Q3 TRADE      
   *   01/Nov  11:00   PAN EUROPEAN TERMINALS PLC           MEET          
       01/Nov          ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC     Q3            
       01/Nov  11:00   SCANCELL HOLDINGS PLC                AGM           
       01/Nov  BMO     DS SMITH PLC                         Q2 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       04/Nov  BMO     BIOME TECHNOLOGIES PLC               TRADING       
       04/Nov          E2V TECHNOLOGIES PLC                 H1            
       04/Nov          EGDON RESOURCES PLC                  PRELIM        
       04/Nov          HSBC HOLDINGS PLC                    Q3 TRADE      
       04/Nov  BMO     HISCOX LTD                           Q3 TRADE      
       04/Nov          RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC                 Q2            
       04/Nov          TELECITY GROUP PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       04/Nov          WEIR GROUP PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       05/Nov          ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC         PRELIM        
   *   05/Nov  07:00   AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 Q3 TRADE      
   *   05/Nov  08:30   AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 CONFCALL      
       05/Nov          BALFOUR BEATTY PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       05/Nov          CSR PLC                              Q3            
       05/Nov  09:00   CSR PLC                              CONFCALL      
       05/Nov          4IMPRINT GROUP PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       05/Nov          G4S PLC                              ANALYST       
       05/Nov          G4S PLC                              Q3 TRADE      
       05/Nov          G4S PLC                              Capital Market 
       05/Nov  BMO     HILTON FOOD GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       05/Nov          INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP PLC    Q3            
       05/Nov          IMPERIAL TOBACCO GROUP PLC           PRELIM        
       05/Nov          INTU PROPERTIES PLC                  Q3 TRADE      
       05/Nov  BMO     JAZZTEL PLC                          Q3            
       05/Nov          LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP PLC            Q3 TRADE      
       05/Nov          MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC          H1            
       05/Nov          NEXT FIFTEEN COMMUNICATIONS GROUP    PRELIM        
   *   05/Nov          PPHE HOTEL GROUP LTD                 Q3 TRADE      
   *   05/Nov          WILMINGTON GROUP PLC                 AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       06/Nov          AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
       06/Nov          ARK THERAPEUTICS GROUP PLC           TRADING       
       06/Nov          ALENT PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       06/Nov  11:00   AVINGTRANS PLC                       AGM           
       06/Nov          DCC PLC                              H1            
       06/Nov          EXPERIAN PLC                         H1            
       06/Nov          EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
       06/Nov  BMO     FIRSTGROUP PLC                       H1            
       06/Nov  BMO     GOLDPLAT PLC                         PRELIM        
       06/Nov  11:00   HARGREAVES SERVICES PLC              AGM           
       06/Nov  12:30   LANCASHIRE HOLDINGS LTD              CONFCALL      
       06/Nov  14:00   LANCASHIRE HOLDINGS LTD              INVESTOR      
       06/Nov  07:00   LANCASHIRE HOLDINGS LTD              Q3            
       06/Nov          MILLENNIUM & COPTHORNE HOTELS PLC    Q3            
       06/Nov          MONDI LTD                            TRADING       
   *   06/Nov  12:00   MOBILE STREAMS PLC                   AGM           
       06/Nov  15:00   MACAU PROPERTY OPPORTUNITIES FUND    AGM           
       06/Nov          OLD MUTUAL PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
       06/Nov          PERSIMMON PLC                        TRADING       
       06/Nov          SABMILLER PLC                        TRADING       
   *   06/Nov  12:00   SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC              CONFCALL      
   *   06/Nov  07:00   SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC              Q3            
   *   06/Nov  11:00   SINCLAIR IS PHARMA PLC               AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   07/Nov  BMO     3I INFRASTRUCTURE PLC                H1            
   *   07/Nov  13:00   AP ALTERNATIVE ASSETS LP             CONFCALL      
   *   07/Nov  BMO     AP ALTERNATIVE ASSETS LP             Q3            
       07/Nov          ADMIRAL GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
       07/Nov          AVIVA PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          BEAZLEY PLC                          Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          BUMI PLC                             Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          CABLE & WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS PLC  H1            
       07/Nov  11:00   CERES POWER HOLDINGS PLC             AGM           
       07/Nov          DAIRY CREST GROUP PLC                H1            
       07/Nov          DIALIGHT PLC                         TRADING       
       07/Nov          EURASIAN NATURAL RESOURCES CORP      Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          GRAINGER PLC                         PRELIM        
       07/Nov          HARDY OIL AND GAS PLC                Q4 TRADE      
       07/Nov  12:00   HAYS PLC                             INVESTOR      
       07/Nov  BMO     HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   H1            
       07/Nov  09:30   HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   ANALYST       
   *   07/Nov  BMO     INTERNATIONAL FERRO METALS LTD       Q1 TRADE      
   *   07/Nov  08:30   INTERNATIONAL FERRO METALS LTD       CONFCALL      
       07/Nov          INMARSAT PLC                         Q3            
       07/Nov          INVENSYS PLC                         H1            
       07/Nov          J D WETHERSPOON PLC                  Q1 TRADE      
       07/Nov  14:30   JPMORGAN MID CAP INVESTMENT TRUST    AGM           
       07/Nov          MORGAN SINDALL GROUP PLC             TRADING       
       07/Nov  12:30   MIRADA PLC                           AGM           
       07/Nov  13:30   MALLINCKRODT PLC                     CONFCALL      
       07/Nov          MALLINCKRODT PLC                     Q4            
       07/Nov          WM MORRISON SUPERMARKETS P L C       TRADING       
       07/Nov          REED ELSEVIER PLC                    TRADING       
       07/Nov  12:00   RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD               ANALYST       
       07/Nov  16:00   RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD               CONFCALL      
       07/Nov  07:00   RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD               Q3            
       07/Nov          RSA INSURANCE GROUP PLC              Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          SCHRODERS PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          SUPERGROUP PLC                       TRADING       
       07/Nov          SHANKS GROUP PLC                     H1            
       07/Nov          SOPHEON PLC                          TRADING       
       07/Nov          SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS PLC           Q3 TRADE      
       07/Nov          SPIRAX-SARCO ENGINEERING PLC         TRADING       
       07/Nov          SYNTHOMER PLC                        TRADING       
       07/Nov          TATE & LYLE PLC                      H1            
       07/Nov  BMO     WINCANTON PLC                        H1            
       07/Nov  09:00   WINCANTON PLC                        ANALYST       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       08/Nov  11:00   ABCAM PLC                            AGM           
       08/Nov          BOVIS HOMES GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       08/Nov  BMO     COVIDIEN PLC                         Q4            
       08/Nov  13:30   COVIDIEN PLC                         CONFCALL      
       08/Nov  BMO     HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC            TRADING       
       08/Nov          JOHN MENZIES PLC                     TRADING       
   *   08/Nov  BMO     NOVAE GROUP PLC                      Q3 TRADE      
       08/Nov          ROLLS-ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC             TRADING       
       08/Nov          RENTOKIL INITIAL PLC                 TRADING       
       08/Nov          TULLETT PREBON PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       11/Nov          CARRS MILLING INDUSTRIES PLC         PRELIM        
       11/Nov          COBHAM PLC                           TRADING       
       11/Nov  07:00   DIGNITY PLC                          Q3 TRADE      
       11/Nov          HEATHROW AIRPORT HOLDINGS LTD        TRAFFIC       
       11/Nov          FLYBE GROUP PLC                      H1            
       11/Nov          GLOBAL SHIP LEASE INC                Q3            
       11/Nov          GLOBAL SHIP LEASE INC                CONFCALL      
       11/Nov          HAMMERSON PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
       11/Nov          KINGSPAN GROUP PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       11/Nov          LONMIN PLC                           PRELIM        
       11/Nov          MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC        TRADING       
       11/Nov  00:00   REDROW PLC                           AGM           
   *   11/Nov  11:00   REAL ESTATE CREDIT INVESTMENTS PCC   EGM           
       11/Nov  10:00   STANDARD CHARTERED PLC               INVESTOR      
       11/Nov  12:30   TR EUROPEAN GROWTH TRUST PLC         AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       12/Nov          ATRIUM EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE LTD      Q3            
       12/Nov  BMO     BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP PLC      H1            
       12/Nov          BTG PLC                              H1            
       12/Nov          CRH PLC                              TRADING       
       12/Nov  09:30   DUNELM GROUP PLC                     AGM           
       12/Nov  11:00   INDIGOVISION GROUP PLC               AGM           
       12/Nov  14:30   JPMORGAN OVERSEAS INVESTMENT TRUST   AGM           
       12/Nov          LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            H1            
       12/Nov          LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            CONFCALL      
       12/Nov  11:30   A & J MUCKLOW GROUP P L C            AGM           
       12/Nov  BMO     OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC               H1            
   *   12/Nov  09:30   OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC               ANALYST       
       12/Nov          PREMIER FARNELL PLC                  TRADING       
       12/Nov          RESOLUTION LTD                       Q3 TRADE      
       12/Nov          SPEEDY HIRE PLC                      H1            
       12/Nov          SYNERGY HEALTH PLC                   H1            
   *   12/Nov          TALKTALK TELECOM GROUP PLC           H1            
   *   12/Nov  08:30   TALKTALK TELECOM GROUP PLC           CONFCALL      
       12/Nov          TRIFAST PLC                          H1            
       12/Nov  09:30   TRIFAST PLC                          CONFCALL      
       12/Nov          TT ELECTRONICS PLC                   TRADING       
   *   12/Nov  13:30   VODAFONE GROUP PLC                   ANALYST       
   *   12/Nov  BMO     VODAFONE GROUP PLC                   H1            
       12/Nov  11:30   WORKSPACE GROUP PLC                  CONFCALL      
       12/Nov  BMO     WORKSPACE GROUP PLC                  H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       13/Nov          BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             TRADING       
       13/Nov  14:30   BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             AGM           
       13/Nov          BRITISH LAND COMPANY PLC             H1            
       13/Nov          BOWLEVEN PLC                         PRELIM        
       13/Nov  12:00   CENTAUR MEDIA PLC                    AGM           
       13/Nov  BMO     CENTAUR MEDIA PLC                    TRADING       
       13/Nov  BMO     DRAX GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
       13/Nov  BMO     FENNER PLC                           PRELIM        
       13/Nov  12:00   HAYS PLC                             S/HOLDERS     
       13/Nov          ICAP PLC                             ANALYST       
       13/Nov  BMO     ICAP PLC                             H1            
       13/Nov          INTERSERVE PLC                       TRADING       
       13/Nov          KIER GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
       13/Nov          LIONTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC       H1            
       13/Nov          LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC      H1            
       13/Nov  BMO     J SAINSBURY PLC                      H1            
       13/Nov          SSE PLC                              H1            
       13/Nov          TULLOW OIL PLC                       TRADING       
       13/Nov          XCHANGING PLC                        TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       14/Nov          AMLIN PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       14/Nov          ANTOFAGASTA PLC                      Q3            
       14/Nov          WS ATKINS PLC                        H1            
       14/Nov          AVANTI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP PLC      AGM           
       14/Nov          BURBERRY GROUP PLC                   H1            
       14/Nov          CHARLES STANLEY GROUP PLC            H1            
       14/Nov          CENTRICA PLC                         TRADING       
       14/Nov          CARPHONE WAREHOUSE GROUP PLC         H1            
   *   14/Nov          DEVRO PLC                            Capital Market 
   *   14/Nov  BMO     DEVRO PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
       14/Nov          ELECTROCOMPONENTS PLC                H1            
       14/Nov          GREAT PORTLAND ESTATES PLC           H1            
       14/Nov          HILL & SMITH HOLDINGS PLC            TRADING       
       14/Nov          HUNTSWORTH PLC                       TRADING       
       14/Nov          HOWDEN JOINERY GROUP PLC             TRADING       
       14/Nov          HORIZONTE MINERALS PLC               Q3            
       14/Nov  10:00   J D WETHERSPOON PLC                  AGM           
       14/Nov  15:00   JPMORGAN EMERGING MARKETS INVESTMENT AGM           
       14/Nov  11:00   KIER GROUP PLC                       AGM           
   *   14/Nov          LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC      Asia Capital M 
   *   14/Nov  14:00   MYRONIVS'KYI KHLIBOPRODUKT PAT       CONFCALL      
   *   14/Nov          MALLINCKRODT PLC                     INVESTOR      
       14/Nov          NEW EUROPE PROPERTY INVESTMENTS PLC  Q3            
   *   14/Nov  BMO     NORCROS PLC                          H1            
   *   14/Nov  09:30   NORCROS PLC                          ANALYST       
       14/Nov          PACE PLC                             Q3 TRADE      
       14/Nov          PREMIER OIL PLC                      TRADING       
       14/Nov  10:00   RICARDO PLC                          AGM           
       14/Nov          REXAM PLC                            TRADING       
       14/Nov          SERCO GROUP PLC                      TRADING       
       14/Nov          TRINITY MIRROR PLC                   TRADING       
   *   14/Nov  07:00   TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC                    TRADING       
   *   14/Nov          VOLEX PLC                            H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   15/Nov          ALBEMARLE & BOND HOLDINGS PLC        AGM           
   *   15/Nov          ALPHA PYRENEES TRUST LTD             Q3 TRADE      
   *   15/Nov          BANK OF GEORGIA HOLDINGS PLC         INVESTOR      
   *   15/Nov  BMO     HENRY BOOT PLC                       TRADING       
   *   15/Nov          CAPITAL & COUNTIES PROPERTIES PLC    TRADING       
   *   15/Nov  10:30   CELTIC PLC                           AGM           
   *   15/Nov  BMO     GEM DIAMONDS LTD                     TRADING       
   *   15/Nov  11:00   GENUS PLC                            S/HOLDERS     
   *   15/Nov          HEADLAM GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
   *   15/Nov  BMO     IMI PLC                              TRADING       
   *   15/Nov          MATCHTECH GROUP PLC                  AGM           
   *   15/Nov  12:00   QUADRISE FUELS INTERNATIONAL PLC     AGM           
   *   15/Nov          RECORD PLC                           H1            
   *   15/Nov          ROTORK PLC                           TRADING       
   *   15/Nov          UTV MEDIA PLC                        TRADING       
   *   15/Nov          VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   18/Nov          AVEVA GROUP PLC                      H1            
   *   18/Nov          CAPITA PLC                           S/HOLDERS     
   *   18/Nov          DIAGEO PLC                           MEET          
   *   18/Nov  BMO     DIPLOMA PLC                          H1            
   *   18/Nov  09:00   DIPLOMA PLC                          ANALYST       
   *   18/Nov  10:00   ELAN CORP PLC                        ESM           
   *   18/Nov          KELLER GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
   *   18/Nov          LONDON & ASSOCIATED PROPERTIES PLC   H1            
   *   18/Nov  BMO     LATCHWAYS PLC                        H1            
   *   18/Nov  09:30   LATCHWAYS PLC                                      
   *   18/Nov  10:00   MAJESTIC WINE PLC                    ANALYST       
   *   18/Nov  BMO     MAJESTIC WINE PLC                    TRADING       
   *   18/Nov          MITIE GROUP PLC                      CONFCALL      
   *   18/Nov          ORIGIN ENTERPRISES PLC               Q3            
   *   18/Nov  BMO     PETROFAC LTD                         ANALYST       
   *   18/Nov  12:00   SUBSEA 7 SA                          TRADING       
   *   18/Nov  07:00   SUBSEA 7 SA                          PRELIM        
   *   18/Nov          THE UNITE GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------

       Event types: 
                    H1 - First Half                YR / = Full Year
                    Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 = Quarters         AGM  = Annual General Meeting
                    SGM = Special General Meeting  MEET = General Meeting
                    TRADING = Trading statement    NEW BIZ = New Business
                    CONFCALL = Conference Call     TRAFFIC = Traffic Figures 
                    NEWSCONF = News Conference     INVSCONF = Investor Conference 
                    BOARD = Board Meeting          S/HOLDERS = Shareholders Meeting
                    EGM = Extraordinary General Meeting
                    ESM = Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
                    KPIs = Key Performance Indicators
                    ANALYST = Analyst Meeting / Presentation / Briefing
                    INVESTOR = Investor Seminar/ Investor Day / Investor Forum 
                    W/HOLDERS = Warrant Holder Meeting

       All times are listed in GMT, or AMC - 'After U.S. Market Close'- or BMO 'Before 
      U.S.Market Opens'- BMO ,or DBH- During U.S.business hours, or blank if not known.
      All releases normally expected at around 0600 GMT, unless otherwise stated.

    If you have any questions or comments on the diary, please contact:


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