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DIARY - Western European Corporate events from SEP 13

Western European Corp Meetings       European hits & misses         
    Major European Co.'s earnings   Monthly S&P 500 earnings       
    Weekly non-S&P 500 earnings      Day ahead S&P 500 earnings     
    Weekly conference call/webcast   Weekly meetings                
    Global Company News Preview     Day ahead conference call      
    Weekly S&P 500 earnings              Central & East Europe earnings  
 ***PLEASE NOTE - We have split this diary into two separate diaries;
    Earnings, which will contain the following event types; Earnings, Trading, Sales, Traffic 
Figures, New Business, KPI's and others on merit. 
    Meetings, which will contain the following event types; Conference Calls, Meetings, 
Presentations, Analysts, Investor Conferences and others on merit. 
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     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     ---------
      DATE   CO   GMT   COMPANY NAME                         EVENT          RIC 
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     --------
     13-Sep  FR   BMO   NEOVACS SA                           Q2            
     13-Sep  FR   BMO   CLUB MEDITERRANEE SA                 Q3 SALES      
     13-Sep  FR         FFP S.A.                             H1            
     13-Sep  DE         GERRY WEBER INTERNATIONAL AG         Q3            
     13-Sep  GB         J D WETHERSPOON PLC                  PRELIM        
     13-Sep  FR         F MARC DE LACHARRIERE FIMALAC SA     Q2            
     13-Sep  GB         SONGBIRD ESTATES PLC                 INTERIM       
     13-Sep  AT         WOLFORD AG                           Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     15-Sep  DE         DOCCHECK AG                          H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     16-Sep  GB         ALLERGY THERAPEUTICS PLC             PRELIM        
     16-Sep  GB   BMO   CORAC GROUP PLC                      INTERIM       
     16-Sep  DE         DEUTSCHE BETEILIGUNGS AG             Q3            
     16-Sep  FR   AMC   ACTEOS SA                            H1            
     16-Sep  GB         EKF DIAGNOSTICS HOLDINGS PLC         INTERIM       
     16-Sep  FR   AMC   ESKER SA                             Q2            
     16-Sep  FR   AMC   HF COMPANY SA                        Q2            
     16-Sep  SE         H & M HENNES & MAURITZ AB            AUG SALES     
     16-Sep  CH         KABA HOLDING AG                      FINAL         
     16-Sep  FR         MICROPOLE SA                         Q2            
     16-Sep  IM   BMO   OPTIMAL PAYMENTS PLC                 INTERIM       
     16-Sep  GB         SHORE CAPITAL GROUP LTD              INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     17-Sep  IT         PRADA SPA                            Q2            
     17-Sep  FR         DIAXONHIT SA                         Q2            
     17-Sep  FR   AMC   EVOLIS SA                            Q2            
     17-Sep  GB         CHARLEMAGNE CAPITAL LTD              INTERIM       
     17-Sep  GB   BMO   CORERO NETWORK SECURITY PLC          INTERIM       
     17-Sep  SE         CONSILIUM AB                         AUG SALES     
     17-Sep  GB         DEBENHAMS PLC                        YRSALES       
     17-Sep  FR   AMC   AUDIKA GROUPE SA                     Q2            
     17-Sep  CH   5:00  EASTERN PROPERTY HLDG LTD            H1            
     17-Sep  GB         GALLIFORD TRY PLC                    PRELIM        
     17-Sep  GB   BMO   IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC                TRADING       
     17-Sep  GB         INVESTEC PLC                         TRADING       
     17-Sep  GB         K3 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC     PRELIM        
     17-Sep  IT         MEDIOBANCA BANCA DI CREDITO          FINAL         
     17-Sep  FR   AMC   ZODIAC AEROSPACE SA                  Q4 SALES      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     18-Sep  DE         ARAGON AG                            Q2            
     18-Sep  SE         A-COM AB                             Q2            
     18-Sep  DK         CHEMOMETEC A/S                       FINAL         
     18-Sep  GB         CELLO GROUP PLC                      INTERIM       
     18-Sep  IT         EG SOLUTIONS PLC                     INTERIM       
     18-Sep  GB   BMO   FRENCH CONNECTION GROUP PLC          INTERIM       
     18-Sep  ES         INDITEX S.A.                         Q2            
     18-Sep  GB         JD SPORTS FASHION PLC                INTERIM       
     18-Sep  FR   AMC   LE NOBLE AGE SA                      Q2            
     18-Sep  GB         REDROW PLC                           PRELIM        
     18-Sep  GB         M&C SAATCHI PLC                      INTERIM       
     18-Sep  GB         SMITHS GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
     18-Sep  GB         SMITHS GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
     18-Sep  GB         TOWN CENTRE SECURITIES PLC           PRELIM        
     18-Sep  SE         VOLVO AB                             TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     19-Sep  FR         DEINOVE SA                           Q2            
     19-Sep  GB         ANPARIO PLC                          H1            
     19-Sep  GB         ASOS PLC                             Q4 TRADE      
     19-Sep  GB   BMO   BOOKER GROUP PLC                     Q2 TRADE      
     19-Sep  FR   AMC   BIOALLIANCE PHARMA SA                Q2            
     19-Sep  FR   AMC   CEGEDIM SA                           Q2            
     19-Sep  GB         GLOBAL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PLC        INTERIM       
     19-Sep  FR         INNATE PHARMA SA                     Q2            
     19-Sep  GB   BMO   IQE PLC                              INTERIM       
     19-Sep  GB         KBC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES PLC        INTERIM       
     19-Sep  GB   BMO   NORTHGATE PLC                        TRADING       
     19-Sep  GB         PREMIER FARNELL PLC                  H1            
     19-Sep  GB         SINCLAIR IS PHARMA PLC               PRELIM        
     19-Sep  GB         MISSION MARKETING GROUP PLC          INTERIM       
     19-Sep  GB         UNITED UTILITIES GROUP PLC           TRADING       
     19-Sep  GB   BMO   WILMINGTON GROUP PLC                 PRELIM        
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     20-Sep  GB         BRAINJUICER GROUP PLC                INTERIM       
     20-Sep  DE         CPU SOFTWAREHOUSE AG                 INTERIM       
     20-Sep  DK         FLUGGER A/S                          Q1            
     20-Sep  GB         TAWA PLC                             INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     23-Sep  FR   AMC   MAXIMILES SA                         Q2            
     23-Sep  GB         A.G.BARR PLC                         INTERIM       
     23-Sep  FR         BENETEAU SA                          Q4 SALES      
     23-Sep  FR   AMC   COHERIS SA                           Q2            
     23-Sep  DE         TEREX MATERIAL HANDLING & PORT       TRADE         
     23-Sep  GB         DAIRY CREST GROUP PLC                TRADING       
     23-Sep  FR         DELFINGEN INDUSTRY SA                Q2            
     23-Sep  GB   BMO   FINSBURY FOOD GROUP PLC              PRELIM        
     23-Sep  GB         HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP PLC          PRELIM        
     23-Sep  GB   BMO   TOUMAZ LTD                           INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     24-Sep  GB         ALBEMARLE & BOND HOLDINGS PLC        PRELIM        
     24-Sep  FR   AMC   KEYYO SA                             Q2            
     24-Sep  GB         AUGEAN PLC                           INTERIM       
     24-Sep  GB         CLOSE BROTHERS GROUP PLC             PRELIM        
     24-Sep  GB   BMO   CUPID PLC                            INTERIM       
     24-Sep  GB         CVS GROUP PLC                        PRELIM        
     24-Sep  DK         DANTAX A/S                           FINAL         
     24-Sep  FR         DUC SA                               Q2            
     24-Sep  DK         AARHUS ELITE A/S                     FINAL         
     24-Sep  CH         GROUPE MINOTERIES SA                 H1            
     24-Sep  GB         HARGREAVES SERVICES PLC              PRELIM        
     24-Sep  AT         IMMOFINANZ AG                        Q1            
     24-Sep  IT         JUVENTUS FC SPA                      Q4            
     24-Sep  GB         1SPATIAL PLC                         INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     25-Sep  GB         ACTA SPA                             INTERIM       
     25-Sep  IT         DANIELI & C OFFICINE MECCANICHE SPA  Q4            
     25-Sep  GB   6:00  DAILY MAIL AND GENERAL TRUST PLC     TRADING       
     25-Sep  DK         FORMUEPLEJE EPIKUR A/S               FINAL         
     25-Sep  DK         FORMUEPLEJE PENTA A/S                FINAL         
     25-Sep  GB         GRAPHITE ENTERPRISE TRUST PLC        INTERIM       
     25-Sep  GB         HAVELOCK EUROPA PLC                  INTERIM       
     25-Sep  GB   BMO   INSTEM PLC                           INTERIM       
     25-Sep  FR   AMC   ITESOFT SA                           Q1            
     25-Sep  FR         ALTEN SA                             Q2            
     25-Sep  IE         ORIGIN ENTERPRISES PLC               PRELIM        
     25-Sep  GB         PZ CUSSONS PLC                       TRADING       
     25-Sep  FR   AMC   SODIFRANCE SA                        Q2            
     25-Sep  GB         TOPPS TILES PLC                      TRADING       
     25-Sep  DE         VERBIO VEREINIGTE BIOENERGIE AG      FINAL         
     25-Sep  DK         VIBORG HAANDBOLD KLUB A/S            FINAL         
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     26-Sep  FR   AMC   AFONE SA                             Q2            
     26-Sep  FR         CELLECTIS SA                         Q2            
     26-Sep  FR   AMC   NEXEYA SA                            Q4            
     26-Sep  FR         ALES GROUPE SA                       Q2            
     26-Sep  FR   BMO   AVANQUEST SOFTWARE SA                Q4            
     26-Sep  GB         COMPASS GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
     26-Sep  FR   AMC   ESI GROUP SA                         Q2            
     26-Sep  IT   14:30 FIRST CAPITAL SPA                    H1            
     26-Sep  GB   BMO   FAROE PETROLEUM PLC                  INTERIM       
     26-Sep  DK         GLUNZ AND JENSEN A/S                 Q1            
     26-Sep  DE         HORNBACH HOLDING AG                  Q2            
     26-Sep  SE         H & M HENNES & MAURITZ AB            Q3            
     26-Sep  IM         HANSARD GLOBAL PLC                   PRELIM        
     26-Sep  GB   6:00  INDIGOVISION GROUP PLC               PRELIM        
     26-Sep  FR   AMC   MGI COUTIER SA                       Q2            
     26-Sep  GB         MOSS BROS GROUP PLC                  INTERIM       
     26-Sep  GR         NEUROSOFT SOFTWARE PRODUCTION SA     Q1            
     26-Sep  DE         PLENUM AG                            INTERIM       
     26-Sep  FR         SQLI SA                              Q2            
     26-Sep  GB         SCISYS PLC                           INTERIM       
     26-Sep  GB         THOMAS COOK GROUP PLC                TRADING       
     26-Sep  DK         TK DEVELOPMENT A/S                   Q2            
     26-Sep  GB   BMO   TUI TRAVEL PLC                       TRADING       
     26-Sep  IT         VITA SOCIETA EDITORIALE SPA          H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     27-Sep  DE         7DAYS MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT AG         Q2            
     27-Sep  BE         COIL SA                              Q2            
     27-Sep  DE         AGRARIUS AG                          Q2            
     27-Sep  BE         SOCIETE COMMERCIALE DE BRASSERIE SA  Q2            
     27-Sep  CH         CREALOGIX HOLDING AG                 FINAL         
     27-Sep  GB         FILTRONIC PLC                        TRADING       
     27-Sep  GB         ICAP PLC                             TRADING       
     27-Sep  CH         IPS INNOVATIVE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS   Q2            
     27-Sep  IT   8:00  MONTEFIBRE SPA                       Q4            
     27-Sep  GB   BMO   MOTIVE TELEVISION PLC                INTERIM       
     27-Sep  GB         PRODUCE INVESTMENTS PLC              PRELIM        
     27-Sep  CH         PERFECT HOLDING SA                   H1            
     27-Sep  FR   6:45  RIBER SA                             Q2            
     27-Sep  SE         SVOLDER AB                           Q4            
     27-Sep  FR         TRIGANO SA                           Q4 SALES      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     30-Sep  CH         AEVIS HOLDING SA                     H1            
     30-Sep  FR         GENOWAY SA                           Q2            
     30-Sep  CH         ARYZTA AG                            FINAL         
     30-Sep  AT         BENE AG                              Q2            
     30-Sep  AT         BENE AG                              Q4            
     30-Sep  CH         CI COM SA                            H1            
     30-Sep  FR   AMC   DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SYSTEMS SA        Q2            
     30-Sep  DE         B S BANKSYSTEME AG                   FINAL         
     30-Sep  DE         ELEXXION AG                          INTERIM       
     30-Sep  FR   5:00  EGIDE SA                             Q2            
     30-Sep  GB         FUTURE PLC                           TRADING       
     30-Sep  FR         SOCIETE DES PRODUITS MARNIER         Q2            
     30-Sep  DE         GIRINDUS AG                          Q2            
     30-Sep  GB         M J GLEESON GROUP PLC                PRELIM        
     30-Sep  DE         HPI AG                               FINAL         
     30-Sep  GR         INTERNETQ PLC                        INTERIM       
     30-Sep  GB         KCOM GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
     30-Sep  FR   AMC   KAUFMAN & BROAD SA                   Q3            
     30-Sep  DE         MAGFORCE AG                          H1            
     30-Sep  GB         MEDITERRANEAN OIL & GAS PLC          INTERIM       
     30-Sep  FR   AMC   NEOPOST SA                           Q2            
     30-Sep  GB         PERSONAL GROUP HOLDINGS PLC          INTERIM       
     30-Sep  GB         STRAIGHT PLC                         INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     1-Oct   FR   AMC   EXEL INDUSTRIES SA                   Q4 SALES      
     1-Oct   GB         LIDCO GROUP PLC                      INTERIM       
     1-Oct   GB         WOLSELEY PLC                         PRELIM        
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     2-Oct   GB   BMO   ANDOR TECHNOLOGY PLC                 TRADING       
     2-Oct   DK         BANG & OLUFSEN A/S                   Q1            
     2-Oct   GB         DUNELM GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
     2-Oct   GB         DOMINO'S PIZZA GROUP PLC             Q3 TRADE      
     2-Oct   DE         GRENKELEASING AG                     Q3            
     2-Oct   DE         GERRESHEIMER AG                      Q3            
     2-Oct   SE         KAPPAHL PUBL AB                      Q4            
     2-Oct   GB         LIONTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC       TRADING       
     2-Oct   GB         J SAINSBURY PLC                      Q2 TRADE      
     2-Oct   GB         TESCO PLC                            INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     3-Oct   GB         ASHMORE GROUP PLC                    Q1 TRADE      
     3-Oct   FR   BMO   BONDUELLE SAS                        Q4            
     3-Oct   GB   6:00  CARILLION PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
     3-Oct   GB         EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
     3-Oct   GB   6:00  EASYJET PLC                          TRADING       
     3-Oct   GB         HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   TRADING       
     3-Oct   SE         SKISTAR AB                           Q4            
     3-Oct   LU         STOLT NIELSEN LTD                    Q3            
     3-Oct   GB   BMO   TED BAKER PLC                        INTERIM       
     3-Oct   ES         VUELING AIRLINES SA                  TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     4-Oct   IE         AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
     4-Oct   NO   6:00  NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA            TRAFFIC       
     4-Oct   GB         TATE & LYLE PLC                      TRADING       
     4-Oct   GB         JOHN WOOD GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     7-Oct   DE         AIR BERLIN PLC                       TRAFFIC       
     7-Oct   FR   6:00  AIR FRANCE KLM SA                    TRAFFIC       
     7-Oct   FR   AMC   BASTIDE LE CONFORT MEDICAL SA        Q4            
     7-Oct   SE         INDUSTRIVARDEN AB                    Q3            
     7-Oct   SE         INDUSTRIVARDEN AB                    Q3            
     7-Oct   SE   9:00  SAS AB                               TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     8-Oct   FR   AMC   EVOLIS SA                            Q3 SALES      
     8-Oct   FI   6:00  FINNAIR OYJ                          TRAFFIC       
     8-Oct   CH         FERREXPO PLC                         Q3            
     8-Oct   FR   AMC   SOCIETE LDC SA                       Q2 SALES      
     8-Oct   BE   5:30  ARSEUS NV                            Q3 TRADE      
     8-Oct   GB         ROBERT WALTERS PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
     8-Oct   GB         VICTREX PLC                          TRADING       
     8-Oct   FR   AMC   VILMORIN & CIE SA                    Q4            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     9-Oct   GB         N BROWN GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     9-Oct   DE         CROPENERGIES AG                      H1            
     9-Oct   GB         GREGGS PLC                           TRADING       
     9-Oct   SE         INVESTMENT AB ORESUND                Q3            
     9-Oct   GB         VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                Q2 OUTPUT     
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     10-Oct  AT         AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG                 TRAFFIC       
     10-Oct  AT         AGRANA BETEILIGUNGS AG               Q2            
     10-Oct  GB   BMO   AIR PARTNER PLC                      PRELIM        
     10-Oct  FI         BASWARE OYJ                          Q3            
     10-Oct  FR   AMC   CEGID GROUP SA                       Q3 SALES      
     10-Oct  FR   BMO   FASHION B AIR SA                     Q2 SALES      
     10-Oct  CH   5:00  GIVAUDAN SA                          Q3 SALES      
     10-Oct  GB         HAYS PLC                             TRADING       
     10-Oct  DE         DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG                TRAFFIC       
     10-Oct  GB   BMO   WH SMITH PLC                         PRELIM        
     10-Oct  DE         SUEDZUCKER MANNHEIM OCHSENFURT AG    Q2            
     10-Oct  DK   5:30  TRYG A/S                             Q3            
     10-Oct  DE         WILEX AG                             Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     11-Oct  FR         AEROPORTS DE PARIS SA                TRAFFIC       
     11-Oct  CH         FLUGHAFEN ZUERICH AG                 TRAFFIC       
     11-Oct  GB         XP POWER LTD                         Q3 TRADE      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     14-Oct  DE         AHLERS AG                            Q3            
     14-Oct  FR         CASINO GUICHARD PERRACHON SA         Q3 SALES      
     14-Oct  FR   AMC   AUDIKA GROUPE SA                     Q3 SALES      
     14-Oct  GB         ESSENTRA PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
     14-Oct  PT         GALP ENERGIA SGPS SA                 Q3 TRADE      
     14-Oct  LU   9:00  LUXONEN SA                           Q3            
     14-Oct  GB   BMO   NANOCO GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
     14-Oct  GB         TRISTEL PLC                          PRELIM        
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   AB SCIENCE SA                        Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   MEDICREA INTERNATIONAL SA            Q2            
     15-Oct  CH         BOSSARD HOLDING AG                   Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  GB         BURBERRY GROUP PLC                   H1 TRADE      
     15-Oct  GB         BELLWAY PLC                          PRELIM        
     15-Oct  GB         CARPETRIGHT PLC                      TRADING       
     15-Oct  SE   6:00  CLAS OHLSON AB                       SEP SALES     
     15-Oct  GB         E2V TECHNOLOGIES PLC                 TRADING       
     15-Oct  BE         EURONAV NV                           Q3            
     15-Oct  SE         GETINGE AB                           Q3            
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   GL EVENTS SA                         Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  FR         HF COMPANY SA                        Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  SE         H & M HENNES & MAURITZ AB            SEP SALES     
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   HOLOGRAM INDUSTRIES SA               Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  GB         HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC              TRADING       
     15-Oct  CH         KUEHNE UND NAGEL INTERNATIONAL AG    Q3            
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   ORCHESTRA PREMAMAN SA                Q2 SALES      
     15-Oct  GB         MYRONIVS'KYI KHLIBOPRODUKT PAT       TRADING       
     15-Oct  GB         MICHAEL PAGE INTERNATIONAL PLC       Q3 TRADE      
     15-Oct  FR         NEXANS SA                            Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  FR   AMC   AUFEMININ COM SA                     Q3            
     15-Oct  GB         RIO TINTO PLC                        Q3 OUTPUT     
     15-Oct  SE         SKF INC                              Q3            
     15-Oct  FR         THERMADOR GROUPE SA                  Q3 SALES      
     15-Oct  AT         FLUGHAFEN WIEN AG                    TRAFFIC       
     15-Oct  ES         ZARDOYA OTIS SA                      Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     16-Oct  FR         ACCOR SA                             Q3 SALES      
     16-Oct  FR   AMC   NOTREFAMILLE.COM SA                  Q2            
     16-Oct  FR   AMC   NOTREFAMILLE.COM SA                  Q3 SALES      
     16-Oct  NL         ASML HOLDING NV                      Q3            
     16-Oct  SE         AVANZA BANK HOLDING AB               Q3            
     16-Oct  SE         CASTELLUM AB                         Q3            
     16-Oct  FI         COMPTEL OYJ                          Q3            
     16-Oct  FI   6:00  CITYCON OYJ                          Q3            
     16-Oct  FR         DANONE SA                            Q3 SALES      
     16-Oct  NL         DOCDATA NV                           Q3            
     16-Oct  FR         EDENRED SA                           Q3 SALES      
     16-Oct  SE   6:00  FABEGE AB                            Q3            
     16-Oct  GB         HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC                Q3            
     16-Oct  GG         JZ CAPITAL PARTNERS LTD              INTERIM       
     16-Oct  GB         LADBROKES PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
     16-Oct  FR   AMC   MANUTAN INTERNATIONAL SA             Q4 SALES      
     16-Oct  SE         MERTIVA AB                           Q4            
     16-Oct  BE         MELEXIS NV                           Q3            
     16-Oct  FR         HAULOTTE GROUP SA                    Q3 SALES      
     16-Oct  FR   AMC   PRISMAFLEX INTERNATIONAL SA          Q2 SALES      
     16-Oct  GB         SMITHS NEWS PLC                      PRELIM        
     16-Oct  GB         STV GROUP PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
     16-Oct  NO         VOSS VEKSELOG LANDMANDSBANK ASA      Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     17-Oct  CH         ACTELION LTD                         Q3            
     17-Oct  FR   BMO   DASSAULT AVIATION SA                 Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  SE         AXIS AB                              Q3            
     17-Oct  CH   5:00  BB BIOTECH AG                        Q3            
     17-Oct  GB   BMO   BOOKER GROUP PLC                     INTERIM       
     17-Oct  GB         BRITISH SKY BROADCASTING GROUP PLC   Q1            
     17-Oct  GB         BRITVIC PLC                          TRADING       
     17-Oct  SE         BRINGWELL PUBL AB                    Q3            
     17-Oct  FR         CARREFOUR SA                         Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  BE         COMPAGNIE MARITIME BELGE SA          Q3            
     17-Oct  GB         CAIRN ENERGY PLC                     TRADING       
     17-Oct  GB   BMO   DECHRA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC           TRADING       
     17-Oct  DE         DELTICOM AG                          PRELIM        
     17-Oct  GB         DIAGEO PLC                           Q1 TRADE      
     17-Oct  BE   AMC   ECONOCOM GROUP SA                    Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  FI         ELISA OYJ                            Q3            
     17-Oct  FR   AMC   ESKER SA                             Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  GB         FRESNILLO PLC                        Q3            
     17-Oct  CH         FERREXPO PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  GB         JUPITER FUND MANAGEMENT PLC          TRADING       
     17-Oct  NO         KONGSBERG AUTOMOTIVE HOLDING ASA     Q3            
     17-Oct  DE   5:30  METRO AG                             TRADING       
     17-Oct  GB         MOTHERCARE PLC                       Q2 TRADE      
     17-Oct  CH         NESTLE SA                            Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  NO         NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR ASA             Q3            
     17-Oct  FI         NOKIA OYJ                            Q3            
     17-Oct  NL         NUTRECO NV                           Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  FR         NEXT RADIO TV SA                     Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  SE         OEM INTERNATIONAL AB                 Q3            
     17-Oct  FR         COMPAGNIE PLASTIC OMNIUM SA          Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  FR         PIERRE ET VACANCES SA                Q4 SALES      
     17-Oct  GB         RATHBONE BROTHERS PLC                Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  FR   5:30  REMY COINTREAU SA                    Q2 SALES      
     17-Oct  CH         ROCHE HOLDING AG                     Q3            
     17-Oct  GB         RENISHAW PLC                         TRADING       
     17-Oct  GB         SABMILLER PLC                        Q2 TRADE      
     17-Oct  GB         SPEEDY HIRE PLC                      TRADING       
     17-Oct  NL         SLIGRO FOOD GROUP NV                 Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  CH         SULZER AG                            Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  CH         SYNGENTA AG                          Q3 TRADE      
     17-Oct  FR   AMC   ETAM DEVELOPPEMENT SCA               Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  FR   AMC   TIPIAK SA                            Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  SE         TELIASONERA AB                       Q3            
     17-Oct  NO         TOMRA SYSTEMS ASA                    Q3            
     17-Oct  SE         TRIBONA AB                           Q3            
     17-Oct  FR   AMC   VET'AFFAIRES SA                      Q3 SALES      
     17-Oct  FR         VALEO SA                             Q3 SALES      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     18-Oct  GB   6:00  ANGLO AMERICAN PLC                   Q3 OUTPUT     
     18-Oct  FR   AMC   BRICORAMA SA                         Q2            
     18-Oct  SE   5:30  AXFOOD AB                            Q3            
     18-Oct  SE         G & L BEIJER AB                      Q3            
     18-Oct  DE         CO DON AG                            Q3            
     18-Oct  NO         DATA RESPONS ASA                     Q3            
     18-Oct  GB         EVRAZ PLC                            Q3 TRADE      
     18-Oct  FR         SOCIETE DES PRODUITS MARNIER         Q3 SALES      
     18-Oct  SE         HQ AB                                Q3            
     18-Oct  SE   6:30  ATRIUM LJUNGBERG AB                  Q3            
     18-Oct  AT   6:00  OMV AG                               Q3 TRADE      
     18-Oct  SE   7:00  ORTIVUS AB                           Q3            
     18-Oct  GB         PROVIDENT FINANCIAL PLC              TRADING       
     18-Oct  FR   AMC   RADIALL SA                           Q3 SALES      
     18-Oct  GB         RECORD PLC                           Q2 TRADE      
     18-Oct  SE         SVENSKA CELLULOSA AB SCA             Q3            
     18-Oct  FI   6:00  SOLTEQ PLC                           Q3            
     18-Oct  GB         SPECTRIS PLC                         TRADING       
     18-Oct  BE         SOFTIMAT SA                          Q2            
     18-Oct  NO         YARA INTERNATIONAL ASA               Q3            
     18-Oct  NL         ZIGGO NV                             Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     19-Oct  LU         BIP INVESTMENT PARTNERS SA           Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     21-Oct  SE         AF AB                                Q3            
     21-Oct  NL         AKZO NOBEL NV                        Q3            
     21-Oct  CH         ALSO HOLDING AG                      Q3            
     21-Oct  AT   16:00 AMS AG                               Q3            
     21-Oct  FR   AMC   BIGBEN INTERACTIVE SA                Q2 SALES      
     21-Oct  NL         BINCKBANK NV                         Q3            
     21-Oct  FR   16:00 BURELLE SA                           Q3 SALES      
     21-Oct  FR         CREDIT AGRICOLE DU MORBIHAN SCOP     Q3            
     21-Oct  SE   6:00  CDON GROUP AB                        Q3            
     21-Oct  FI   11:00 COMPONENTA OYJ                       Q3            
     21-Oct  FR   16:00 STALLERGENES SA                      Q3 SALES      
     21-Oct  LU   6:00  MILLICOM INTERNATIONAL CELLULAR SA   Q3            
     21-Oct  BE   5:00  MOBISTAR SA                          Q3            
     21-Oct  NL         KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS NV               Q3            
     21-Oct  PT         PORTUCEL SA                          Q3            
     21-Oct  DE         SAP AG                               Q3            
     21-Oct  DE         SARTORIUS AG                         Q3            
     21-Oct  GB         SENIOR PLC                           TRADING       
     21-Oct  FR   AMC   SOITEC SA                            Q2 SALES      
     21-Oct  FR         SARTORIUS STEDIM BIOTECH SA          Q3            
     21-Oct  GB         SVG CAPITAL PLC                      TRADING       
     21-Oct  DE         TELES AG INFORMATIONSTECHNOLOGIEN    Q3            
     21-Oct  FR         TRANSGENE SA                         Q3 SALES      
     21-Oct  DE         VILLEROY & BOCH AG                   Q3            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     22-Oct  FR         CYBERGUN SA                          Q2 SALES      
     22-Oct  NL   BMO   AALBERTS INDUSTRIES NV               Q3 TRADE      
     22-Oct  FR   AMC   AKKA TECHNOLOGIES SA                 Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  FR   BMO   BIOSYNEX SA                          Q2            
     22-Oct  FR         POUJOULAT SA                         Q2            
     22-Oct  GB         ARM HOLDINGS PLC                     Q3            
     22-Oct  DE         AT & S AUSTRIA TECHNOLOGIE & SYS     Q2            
     22-Oct  FR   AMC   AUBAY SA                             Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  PT   15:45 BANCO BPI SA                         Q3            
     22-Oct  NO         BLOM ASA                             Q3            
     22-Oct  GB         BHP BILLITON PLC                     Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         BOLIDEN AB                           Q3            
     22-Oct  GB   BMO   B P MARSH AND PARTNERS PLC           INTERIM       
     22-Oct  GB   BMO   EPISTEM HOLDINGS PLC                 PRELIM        
     22-Oct  FR   6:00  FAURECIA SA                          Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  NO         EVRY ASA                             Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         FAGERHULT AB                         Q3            
     22-Oct  CH         FEINTOOL INTERNATIONAL HOLDING AG    Q3            
     22-Oct  CH         GAM HOLDING AG                       Q3 TRADE      
     22-Oct  FR         GROUPE EUROTUNNEL SA                 Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  NO   5:00  GJENSIDIGE FORSIKRING ASA            Q3            
     22-Oct  GB         GKN PLC                              Q3 TRADE      
     22-Oct  FR   AMC   GENERIX SA                           Q2 SALES      
     22-Oct  FR   AMC   HIGH CO SA                           Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  SE         HIQ INTERNATIONAL AB                 Q3            
     22-Oct  NO         HOL SPAREBANK                        Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         INXL INNOVATION AB                   Q3            
     22-Oct  FI   6:00  KESLA OYJ                            Q3            
     22-Oct  FI         KONE CORP                            Q3            
     22-Oct  NL         KONINKLIJKE KPN NV                   Q3            
     22-Oct  FI   11:30 KEMIRA OYJ                           Q3            
     22-Oct  FR   BMO   MEDICA SA                            Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  SE         MODERN TIMES GROUP MTG AB            Q3            
     22-Oct  CH         NOVARTIS AG                          Q3            
     22-Oct  DK         NOERRESUNDBY BANK A/S                Q3            
     22-Oct  FI         ORION OYJ                            Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         PROACT IT GROUP AB                   Q3            
     22-Oct  GB         PETROPAVLOVSK PLC                    TRADING       
     22-Oct  FI         PONSSE PLC                           Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         PROBI AB                             Q3            
     22-Oct  FI         RAPALA VMC CORP                      Q3            
     22-Oct  GB         RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC          TRADING       
     22-Oct  BE         REZIDOR HOTEL GROUP AB               Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         ROTTNEROS AB                         Q3            
     22-Oct  CH         SCHINDLER HOLDING LTD                Q3            
     22-Oct  FR   15:40 SEB SA                               Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  IT         SOGEFI SPA                           Q3            
     22-Oct  FR   15:45 SPIR COMMUNICATION SA                Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  GB         SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               PRELIM        
     22-Oct  FI   10:00 STORA ENSO OYJ                       Q3            
     22-Oct  FR         STEF SA                              Q3 SALES      
     22-Oct  SE         SWEDBANK AB                          Q3            
     22-Oct  SE         TELE2 AB                             Q3            
     22-Oct  CH         TEMENOS GROUP AG                     Q3            
     22-Oct  FI   11:00 TALENTUM OYJ                         Q3            
     22-Oct  LU         TRANSCOM WORLDWIDE SA                Q3            
     22-Oct  NL   BMO   UNIT4 NV                             Q3            
     22-Oct  FI   6:30  VACON OYJ                            Q3            
     22-Oct  SE   5:30  WIHLBORGS FASTIGHETER AB             Q3            
     22-Oct  GB         WHITBREAD PLC                        INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
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