Freight cars fall into Ontario river after train derails

(Reuters) - A freight train derailed in Ontario on Sunday morning when it was crossing a bridge, sending several cars into the Wahnapitae River, Canadian Pacific Railway said, marking the second derailment for the railroad operator in less than two weeks.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd, the country’s second-largest railroad operator, said late on Sunday that the northbound freight train containing about 24 containers derailed east of Sudbury near Wanup, Ontario. No injuries were reported.

The train was traveling over a bridge when one of the rail cars experienced a sudden and unexpected wheel bearing failure, the company said. It was not immediately clear how many cars or containers went into the river.

“It was an intermodal train carrying consumer products. We are working on identifying the types of consumer products within the containers involved in the derailment. Preliminary inspection indicates there are no materials or products of concern to the public or environment,” Canadian Pacific spokesman Ed Greenberg told Reuters.

The company said it was working to remove the cars from the river and determine the scope of repairs needed for the infrastructure.

On May 21, Canadian Pacific said that five tankers containing oil derailed near Jansen, Saskatchewan, and one of the cars spilled 575 barrels of crude (24,150 gallons), the largest of three spills for the company in two months.

Reporting by Sakthi Prasad in Bangalore; Editing by Chris Gallagher