Could Charles appear in "Doctor Who"?

Prince Charles looks around a new eco-centre during a visit to the Roots and Shoots environmental and educational charity in south London June 12, 2007. REUTERS/Alastair Grant/Pool

LONDON (Reuters) - Prince Charles has been invited to appear on the BBC’s “Doctor Who” programme -- and his office has not ruled out his taking part.

Initially Clarence House turned down the approach, a move which prompted the show’s executive producer Russell T. Davies to label the Prince -- in the style of Charles’ beloved Goons -- a “miserable swine.”

But a Clarence House spokeswoman told Reuters on Monday the Prince himself had not actually seen the request.

“We did receive a request from ‘Doctor Who’s’ producers,” she said. “It was not turned down by Prince Charles but by a Clarence House official. We receive hundreds of requests and he doesn’t see them all.

She added: “It’s not uncommon for people to resubmit requests with different criteria and if it was resubmitted we would look at it again.”

With the show’s lead actor David Tennant winning rave reviews for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the moment, the fifth season of “Doctor Who” is not due until 2010, though three one-off specials featuring the time-travelling adventurer are planned for 2009.

Reporting by John Joseph; Editing by Steve Addison