UK one of most attractive nuclear markets - Areva

LONDON (Reuters) - Widespread political support for nuclear power marks Britain out as one of the most attractive markets for new nuclear power stations, the chief executive of French reactor maker Areva said on Wednesday.

“Today the UK is clearly in the front rank of all global new build markets,” Luc Oursel, the head of one of the world’s biggest power plant builders said.

“It is a market where Areva wants to have a major role,” he told the Nuclear Industry Forum in London.

Oursel dismissed suggestions that Britain risked losing out to emerging economies like China and India in getting new reactors built, saying the British government’s work on improving the investment environment for new nuclear plants made the country stand out as a leading market for reactor builders.

Britain is also unique in Europe in terms of the political support for atomic energy, he said, giving companies the long term security they need.

“The major political parties are fundamentally aligned (on nuclear energy),” he said.

“There is a long term political vision about the role that nuclear has to play.”

Reporting by Daniel Fineren, editing by Anthony Barker