No sex please: We're Germans

A stock trader dressed as "sex nurse Betty" stands in front of the German share price index DAX board at the German stock exchange in Frankfurt, February 24, 2009. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germans would rather talk about death, sickness or money problems than sex.

A new poll of nearly 2,000 Germans showed sex to be the subject they least liked to talk about, with 64 percent saying it was something they would rather avoid.

Just below sex on the list of least-liked topics were cash and relationships, according to the Allensbach polling institute. One in three of the Germans preferred not to talk about death, and one in five said sickness was a no-go area.

The favorite conversation topic was gossip about friends, followed by the latest prices of consumer goods. Coming a close third was “everyday stuff” and how they felt about themselves.

Writing by Franziska Scheven