Oil Report

TABLE-ConocoPhillips refinery upgrade plans

 March 27 (Reuters) - U.S. oil major ConocoPhillips COP.N has
pledged up to $7 billion in downstream investments over five years to
boost processing of cheaper types of crude oil by 5 percent, or
365,000 barrels per day.
 The projects are designed to raise yields of high value middle
distillates such as ultra low sulphur diesel and jet fuel from less
expensive but difficult to refine heavy sour crudes and Canadian oil
sands from its joint venture with EnCana ECA.TO.
************************UNITED STATES*****************************
Rodeo, San Francisco, CA 135,000           -new hydrocracker* 2009
                                         20,000 bpd
Los Angeles, CA          155,000           -FCC, coker        2010
Ferndale, WA             100,000           -new coker*        2012
                                         20,000 bpd
Billings, MT              64,000           -replacement       2011
                                         crude unit*
                                         70,000 bpd
Bayway, Linden, NJ       285,000           -FCC modification* 2012
                                        -crude unit revamp   NA
Wood River** Patoka, IL  306,000           -CDU               2010
                                         70,000 bpd
                                        -new coker*        2010
                                         65,000 bpd
                                        -crude unit        2013
                                        -new coker         2013
                                         increase bitumen
                                         runs by 100,000 bpd
Borger** TX              153,000           -debottleneck      2009
                                        -crude unit        2012
                                         54,000 bpd
************************EUROPE AND ASIA***************************
Wilhelmshaven, Germany   260,000           -new hydrocracker* n/a
                                         plant to run at 220,000
Melaka***, Malaysia      130,000           -debottleneck      2010
                                         adds 19,000 bpd
                                         new hydrotreater*
 *Updates from ConocoPhillips March analyst meeting
 **Joint venture with EnCana. Wood River upgrades in 2010 are the
first phase of ConocoPhillips oil sands project. Borger debottleneck,
2012-2013 upgrades at Borger and Wood River aimed at bitumen
 ***Joint venture with Petronas [PETR.UL]
 All refinery capacities sourced to ConocoPhillips
 (Reporting by Melissa Akin in London)