Clint Eastwood "not a fan" of President Obama

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The former mayor of Carmel is “not a fan” of the current president.

Clint Eastwood told Katie Couric during a interview that President Barack Obama is doing what he can to stay in his job, but that he’s not actually “governing.”

Eastwood supported Obama’s Republican challenger John McCain two years ago, but the politically active actor is no right winger. He backed California Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, for example, during the recall campaign that eventually led to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger being elected.

Nevertheless, publicly coming out against Obama -- less than two weeks before mid-term elections -- definitely puts Eastwood in the minority in famously liberal Hollywood.

Eastwood, though, is laying low compared to others in Hollywood who don’t support Obama. Kelsey Grammer recently launched RightNetwork, for example, and Jon Voight has been speaking at Tea Party rallies.

And then there’s Clint Howard, Ron’s brother, who stars in two online commercials: one that trashes Obama’s tax policies, and a newer one from writer-director David Zucker that goofs on Sen. Barbara Boxer’s famous “I-worked-so-hard-to get that-title” comment.