Amsterdam confirms closure of Yab Yum brothel

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Amsterdam’s infamous Yab Yum brothel lost an appeal on Thursday against the city’s decision to close the sex club as part of a crackdown on organised crime in the prostitution industry.

The city of Amsterdam said its complaints commission had upheld a decision to deny the brothel a new licence because of fears it would be used to commit crimes.

“The doors of the Amsterdam sex club will therefore stay closed,” it said in a statement.

Calling itself the world’s most exclusive men’s club, the Yab Yum has denied allegations that it is in the hands of the Hells Angels biker gang and said it would seek damages from the city after it was forced to close in January.

Located in a grand house on an Amsterdam canal, Yab Yum charged visitors a 70 euro ($110) entry fee and much more for caviar, champagne and the services of its hostesses.

In December, the city of Amsterdam announced plans to clean up its “red light” district to fight forced prostitution, money laundering and drug abuse. It has withdrawn permits from dozens of sex businesses it accuses of links with organised crime.