Bond film books passage to India

NEW DELHI (Hollywood Reporter) - James Bond is making an unprecedented side trip before his next adventure reaches the U.S.

Sony Pictures Releasing India said Tuesday that “Quantum of Solace” will open in India on November 7, marking the first time a major Hollywood title has opened here before its U.S. premiere. The film will debut in U.K. theatres on October 31 and be released in North America on November 14.

“James Bond has a huge equity in this country, and Bond films have always been a hit here,” said Mumbai-based Kercy Daruwalla, managing director of Sony Pictures Releasing India.

“Solace” will be released on about 700 prints dubbed into the regional languages Hindi, Tamil and Telegu, “which could make this the biggest Hollywood release of the year here,” Daruwalla said.

Directed by Marc Forster, “Solace” picks up where things left off in the previous Bond film, 2006’s “Casino Royale.” Daniel Craig returns for his second outing as the dapper British Agent 007..

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter