Study: Young people watch less TV

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Young Americans just aren’t watching TV like they used to.

Put another way, the older you get, the more you watch, according to a report due out Thursday from Deloitte indicating that “millennials,” the generation of ages 14-25, watch just 10.5 hours of TV a week.

That compares with 15.1 hours for those belonging to Generation X (ages 26-42), 19.2 hours for baby boomers (43-61) and 21.5 hours for matures (62-75).

Lest one assume millennials are shunning broadcast and cable in favor of watching DVDs on their TV screens, they’re not. They spend less time watching DVDs of movies and TV shows on television sets, 4.8 hours a week, than do Gen Xers.

They are, though, spending more time watching DVDs on a computer -- 1.9 hours a week -- than any other age group.

But while millennials are watching the least TV, they are spending the most time with media in general, making that up with video games, music and the Internet.

TV does remain the most influential advertising medium going, according to the Deloitte study, titled “The State of the Media Democracy.” It is followed by magazines, the Internet, newspapers, radio and billboards.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter