Fox teams with Twitter for TV promo

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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Fox is teaming with Twitter to give repeats a 21st century twist.

The network this week will introduce “tweet-peats” of “Fringe” and “Glee”: encore presentations accompanied by messages from cast and producers via the online social network.

During the episodes, viewers can follow Twitter-sent messages (online and on-air via a scroll near the bottom of the screen) providing commentary on the episodes, revealing behind-the-scenes details and answering fan questions.

Fox will screen last season’s penultimate episode of “Fringe” on Thursday at 9 p.m. with producers joining stars Josh Jackson and John Noble.

On Friday at 9 p.m., Fox will re-air the “Glee” pilot, which had a preview screening in the spring, with cast members Kevin McHale and Lea Michele among others.

Rather than diving cold into the fall season, Fox is scheduling other special telecasts leading up to its premieres.

On Wednesday, the network will air a “director’s cut” version of the “Glee” pilot, which includes deleted scenes. The same night, Fox has a special, “So You Think You Can Dance: The Fifteen Best Performances Ever,” including top performances from the past five seasons to rev up viewers for the show’s inaugural fall run.

The “tweet-peats” are being produced in coordination with Twitter; fans can sign up at and to follow the event. Fans can ask questions and reply to the cast and producers’ tweets, with select comments from the discussion carried live on Fox during East and West Coast airings.