China to offer rebates on green vehicles

BEIJING (Reuters) - China state radio said on Tuesday the government would offer cash rebates of up to 600,000 yuan ($87,719) to buyers of alternative energy passenger cars and buses in 13 major cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.

The program was designed to promote energy saving and would provide a rebate for as little as 50,000 yuan for a small hybrid passenger car, to 600,000 for a large fuel cell powered commercial bus.

The report mentioned no restrictions on the rebate, but it was not immediately clear if this meant it would be extended to include vehicles produced overseas by foreign manufacturers.

It did not say when the program would begin.

The rebates would include battery, hybrid and fuel cell powered cars, and are designed to reduce emissions, improve the country’s vehicle manufacturing industry and stimulate demand.

($=6.84 yuan)

Reporting by Kirby Chien; editing by Simon Jessop