FACEIT to launch esports collegiate division

Esports tournament organizer FACEIT announced Monday that it is adding a collegiate division to its North American operations, with online and offline competitive experiences to be offered.

The FACEIT collegiate division will be run by Duran Parsi, the founder of Collegiate Starleague, which partners with almost 2,000 universities around the world to create leagues and tournaments across several games and platforms.

“The new division at FACEIT will aim to further develop the collegiate gaming ecosystem by designing and executing on open, fair and rewarding programs that can engage with many collegiate players,” Parsi said in a release.

FACEIT co-founder Michele Attisani said in a statement, “The collegiate esports scene is an extremely interesting space for us. Similar to traditional sports, collegiate programs are essential to sourcing and developing the next generation of esports talent. We’re hoping through our new department we’ll be able to help a number of publishers and leagues enter into the space while also creating structured opportunities for players who are looking to hone their skills.

“We are very excited to have Duran onboard; his experience and background will be invaluable in reaching and supporting the Collegiate players, a community that he has been actively supporting in the past 10 years and a community he truly belongs to.”

FACEIT hosts online multiplayer games with more than 15 million users in leagues, tournaments and ladders. The platform also emphasizes skill progression, matchmaking and cheat prevention, maintaining that it has banned more than 120,000 cheaters.

--Field Level Media