Nifty Games raises $12M, set to unveil NFL game

Nifty Games raised an additional $12 million in funding to make mobile sports games like “NFL Clash,” a new head-to-head game licensed by the National Football League and NFL Players Association.

The additional money pushed the total to $15 million for Nifty Games, who will launch NFL Clash later this year.

“NFL Clash is a game that we’re designing to appeal to a wider fanbase than Madden has over the years,” CEO Jon Middleton told GameDaily. “We love Madden NFL football and many of our team have worked on Madden products at one time or another, but mobile free-to-play clash style gaming is more accessible and has wider appeal. We want NFL fans to have fun with an authentic and competitive game of NFL Clash football in just minutes.”

Nifty Games’ group of investors includes owners from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL and Esports. Nifty Games previously announced a partnership with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association.

“Our Series A is a substantial amount of capital, but for Nifty Games as a team it’s a real vote of confidence,” Middleton said. “Our investors have been very supportive of the specific goals we have in front of us. In fact, we were oversubscribed in both the Seed round and Series A financing - (it) was a tremendous stamp of approval.

“... We’re (also) proud to be the first investment for OneTeam Ventures, an investment vehicle created by RedBird Capital, the NFLPA, MLBPA, MLSPA, USWNTPA and WNBPA. To have investment directly from players associations is incredible for Nifty Games. In addition, we’ve received investment from an All-Star group of Game investors (March Capital Partners, Axiomatic, Transcend and Century Game), Sports funds (Courtside and Vulcan) and Tech VC (Defy Partners). We could not be happier with the help we have and continue to receive - both financial and navigational. It’s fantastic.”

--Field Level Media