U.S. Navy signs partnerships with Twitch, ESL, DBLTAP

The United States Navy Recruiting Command has launched an esports campaign that includes partnerships with Twitch, ESL and DBLTAP.

Part of the campaign involves partnering with the North American esports organization Evil Geniuses to help select sailors for the Navy’s first CS:GO squad.

In December, the Navy said it would shift most of its advertising budget away from traditional media like cable television and toward digital streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Twitch will develop a six-episode miniseries showing how sailors use skills similar to ones used by professional gamers.

The Navy hopes to have its new CS:GO team ready by TwitchCon 2020 so they can make an official appearance alongside members of Evil Geniuses.

The partnership with ESL includes sponsoring BYOC (bring your own computer) events during DreamHack competitions, including DreamHack Dallas from May 22-24.

The Navy will work with DBLTAP in developing Navy “Role Comparison” video content that features players from top esports teams to compare specific roles within the Navy to roles within esports.

--Field Level Media