Epic Games raises prize pool for Fortnite Champion Series

Epic Games has adjusted the parameters, and the prize pool, for the 2021 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), the developer announced this week.

The series will now feature a Trios (three-person teams) format for all of 2021 and the total prize pool has been increased to $20 million -- up from the $17 million distributed in 2020.

Epic decided to shift the full prize pool for the Champion Series to the Finals events, rather than divvying up portions of the purse throughout qualifiers and other stages. The largest chunk of the prize pool, $12 million, will be divided equally between four FNCS season finals. The remaining $8 million will be handed out during other competitions to be announced at a later date.

The prize money will be spread evenly across seven regions -- Europe, North America East, NA-West, Brazil, Asia, Middle East and Oceania. All competition will take place entirely online, as opposed to in-person, this year.

Epic also announced the entire series will be cross-platform enabled, the addition of a round to the Weekly Qualifier events and a new rule preventing previously-qualified teams from taking part in more qualifiers.

Epic recently announced there would be no Fortnite World Cup in 2021, which leaves the FNCS as currently the largest source of prize money on the Fortnite pro level.

--Field Level Media