Astralis Group staff reduce salaries by up to 30 percent

Astralis Group announced salary reductions of up to 30 percent on Thursday to help deal with the global coronavirus crisis.

The parent company for Astralis, Origen and Future FC said management, employees and most players voluntarily agreed to the reductions, which are based on salary size. The highest-paid workers will see a 30 percent cut, while junior employees will not be affected.

“We are fortunate to operate in a digital industry where most activity can be maintained and even increased online, but like everybody else, we are dependent upon a thriving economy in the surrounding society and with our stakeholders,” said Anders Horsholt, CEO of Astralis Group, in a release.

“The fundamental strength of esports as a live and broadcast product is obvious, however, the coming months will be a challenge for everybody, and in order to maintain a healthy business, we have decided to reduce operational costs significantly.”

According to the release, the reduction in personnel costs is an effort to secure jobs for all employees in the organization and to avoid being forced to send any employee home on leave with governmental support.

For 2019, the publicly traded company reported annual staff costs of $7.2 million (U.S.), according to The Esports Observer.

--Field Level Media