VERITAS Entertainment opening esports, gaming facility

VERITAS Entertainment are opening a Berlin-based 26,000-square foot esports and gaming facility on March 26.

The LVL facility will be home to live professional esports events and gaming-related content creators like streamers or cosplayers. G2 Esports will claim LVL as its home facility.

“The esports ecosystem currently has large arenas and glorified internet cafes with a few PCs in them, but not a permanent facility where premium events can be hosted while also serving as a place to socialize with friends,” said Dorian Gorr, co-founder and managing director of VERITAS Entertainment.

“It’s not only a facility for professional teams to practice, but it’s a hub for entertainment, collaboration, and connection.”

VERITAS announced $10 million in funding from BITKRAFT Esports Ventures and additional angel investors in order to create their facilities and provide the necessary management infrastructure.

“LVL is the best possible place for being the home of G2’s teams to practice, bootcamp and interact with our amazing fans. It will be the go-to place for us to spend time with the #G2ARMY and interact with our people in Berlin, the capital of esports in Europe,” G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said.

VERITAS projects that with their Berlin location, they will reach 250,000 visitors and 130 live events per year.

--Field Level Media