Worlds 2020 posted record AMA numbers

The League of Legends World Championship delivered record viewership across multiple platforms, Riot Games announced this week.

Riot, the developer of the massively successful multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, reported viewership figures for the event topped the previously record numbers posted in 2019. According to Riot, a 23.0 million average minute audience (AMA) was reached across all platforms. Worlds 2019 reached 21.8 million AMA.

Worlds 2020, won by Korean team DAMWON Gaming, was broadcast across more than 21 platforms and in 16 different languages. Combined viewership topped out at 49.95 million concurrent viewers, and Riot stated that AMA viewership for the first stage of the tournament was up 61.8 percent from the year before.

Using AMA metrics, 2020 Worlds was the most-watched esports event of the year. By comparison, the finals of The Overwatch League reached a global AMA of 1.55 million, and the final match of the Call of Duty League championship reported a 206,000 AMA.

Worlds 2020 was held from Sept. 25-Oct. 31 and took place at two venues in Shanghai, China. Worlds 2021 is scheduled to return to China next year.

--Field Level Media