Riot Games offering up to $100K for vulnerabilities in Vanguard

Riot Games has offered hackers up to $100,000 to discover vulnerabilities in Vanguard, the controversial anti-cheat system used by Valorant.

The payouts that Riot Games have posted on their HackerOne bounty board reportedly are some of the biggest in gaming. By comparison, Nintendo’s bounties max out at $20,000 while Rockstar Games’ ends at $10,000.

HackerOne is a website where companies offer rewards to hackers who expose security issues in their software.

“If anti-cheat software is only run in user-mode, its capabilities would be compromised by a cheat running at a higher privilege level,” Riot Games wrote in a blog post. “For example, some of the more advanced cheating communities have used Direct Memory Access (DMA) to rebroadcast memory to a separate computer for later processing.”

Per the blog post, Riot Games insisted Vanguard does not collect or process any personal information beyond what is already used in the current League of Legends anti-cheat solution.

“Riot does not want to know more about you or your machine than what is necessary to maintain high integrity in your game,” Riot Games said.

--Field Level Media