Team Frankkaster wins Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown -- LA No. 2

Team Frankkaster swept through the field Sunday to win the $10,000 Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown - Latin America No. 2 event.

The four-team, one-day event featured two teams with all-Argentinian rosters (Frankkaster and Team DuendePablo), one all-Chilean roster (Team DylanteroLIVE) and a team with Argentinian and Mexican players (Team iaaras2).

The tournament is part of a $200,000 Twitch Rivals event to help publicize Valorant, Riot Games’ new free-to-play, tactical-shooter title that launched officially on Tuesday.

The event features two 16-team European divisions, each with a $49,000 prize pool, along with divisions for North America (16 teams, $42,000); Korea (four teams, $10,000); Japan (four teams, $10,000); Latin America No. 1 (four teams, $10,000); and Latin America No. 2 (four teams, $10,000) and Brazil (eight teams, $20,000).

Mixwell and Duno won their respective divisions in the European event; BAKEMON won the Japan event; Team juankorea won in Korea; Team blue_mx won Latin America No. 1; and Team pannshi won the Brazil event.

The Latin America No. 2 event saw four teams face off in round-robin play, with the top two teams facing off in the final. All round-robin games were best-of-one, while the final was best-of-three. Frankkaster took home $3,000 for the championship, while DylanteroLIVE took home $1,000 for finishing second. Teams also claimed $750 for every round-robin win and $250 for every round-robin loss.

In round-robin play, Frankkaster beat iaaras2 13-2 on Ascent, topped DylanteroLIVE 13-6 on Bind and got past DuendePablo 13-9 on Bind. DylanteroLIVE and DuendePablo each beat iaaras2 -- 13-2 on Split and 13-6 on Bind, respectively. DylanteroLIVE beat DuenderPablo 13-5 on Split to get the other spot in the final.

In that last match, Frankkaster dominated DylanteroLIVE to win the championship.

Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown -- Latin America No. 2 final results / payouts (including money for round-robin wins and losses):

1. Team Frankkaster ($5,250)

2. Team DylanteroLIVE ($2,750)

3. Team DuendePablo ($1,250)

4. Team iaaras2 ($750)

--Field Level Media