Fact Check-Video shows zombie-themed event in Indonesia

A video showing passengers encountering zombies at a train station from a zombie-themed event called ‘Train to Apocalypse’ organized in Indonesia has been shared online with false captions saying it shows a “zombie virus” in China.

“Zombie virus spotted in china!,” states a tweet with more than 200,000 views sharing the clip (here) (

The claim was circulated on Facebook as well (here), (here).

The video is from an event organized by Jakarta Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the company Pandora Box inspired by the South Korean film “Train to Busan.” The ticketed event (here) held from Aug. 5, 2022 to Sept. 11, 2022 offered zombie-themed train rides, local outlets reported (, (

“We can confirm that the video is one footage of our previous event, Train to Apocalypse, organized by LRT Jakarta and Pandora Box,” a spokesperson for LRT Jakarta told Reuters.

Parts of the clip in the claim can be seen in a longer version posted on TikTok depicting the event (here) around timestamps 01:47 and 00:54.

Other footage from the event can be found on Pandora Box’s Instagram account (here).

A person dressed in a red T-shirt similar to the “zombie” visible in the clip can be seen in another Aug. 9 photograph published on (here).

Pandora Box did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


Miscaptioned. Videos shows zombie-themed event in Indonesia, not an actual zombie virus outbreak.

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