Fact Check-Delta power company unconnected to COVID-19 variant

5G equipment produced by the energy provider Delta is not related to the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus.

Social media users speculated about a connection between COVID-19 and the organisation in early July after memes claimed to show 5G towers labelled: “Delta Power System” (here , here , here). Despite being debunked by the fact-checking organisation Full Fact the same month, the claim remerged on Twitter in August (here).

Delta is a Taiwanese company founded in 1971 that provides power across the world (here) and builds ultra-fast 5G cellular networks (here , here).

There is no evidence of a connection with the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, which was given its name under a new labelling system in May 2021. Previously known as the Indian variant (here), it was reassigned the title Delta as part of the World Health Organisation’s decision to name coronavirus variants after letters of the Greek alphabet (here).

The speculations are the latest development of a conspiracy theory linking 5G mobile telecommunications masts with the spread of COVID-19 (here , here , here).

The Delta variant itself has also been targeted by coronavirus sceptics, with social media users suggesting virus mutations are created at random by authorities (here) or are connected with deep sleep brain waves (here).


False. There is no evidence connecting Delta, a power company, with the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

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