Fact Check-Screenshot of CNN post claiming to show Ashraf Ghani’s daughter calling him an embarrassment is fabricated

CNN has been falsely accused of publishing a social media post that claims the daughter of Afghanistan’s former president called her father an embarrassment.

The text on the screenshot, which mimics the CNN International Facebook page, reads: “Maryam [sic] Ghani, daughter of Ashraf Ghani: My father embarrassed us in the world, he was really a psychic, I do not know how people accepted him as president in Afghanistan. I have no desire to see such a traitor father in the future. He stole the money of the poor people of Afghanistan” (here , here , here , here and here).

One individual who shared the post on Facebook said: “Shameless person just thought of himself only …”

However, the screenshot has been falsified. A CNN spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that it had not posted such a claim – and Reuters was also unable to find any evidence online.

Multiple falsified news-related items have been published in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. Examples of these can be seen in check published here , here and here.


False. CNN did not publish a social media post claiming the daughter of Ashraf Ghani called her father an embarrassment.

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