Fact Check-Alleged Al Jazeera tweet about the Taliban abducting girls has been fabricated

An alleged screenshot of a tweet by the Al Jazeera news channel that claims the Taliban is abducting young girls is false.

The image appears to show a post from the company’s verified Al Jazeera English account and reads: “Taliban started abducting minor girls from their home. The parents who are refusing to give their daughters to Taliban are being killed by Taliban fighters.”

Examples of the picture are viewable (here , here , here , here , here and here).

One individual who shared the image on Facebook said: “They’ve begun....”

Another social media user added in the comments: “Al-Jazeera. tweet [sic] of the decade.”

But an Al Jazeera spokesperson confirmed to Reuters in an email that the screenshot is not authentic, and that it is not linked with the company.

The alleged screenshot also features a typographical error in the company name, which says: “Al Jajeera English” instead of Al Jazeera English.

By contrast, the Twitter handle in the screenshot AJENews is the handle for Al Jazeera Breaking News ( and

Concerns for the rights of women have increased sharply since the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, with the UN reporting accounts of women and girls being unable to leave their homes without a male chaperone (here and here).

However, the Taliban has said it would respect women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law (here).


False. Al Jazeera did not tweet that the Taliban has started abducting young girls and women from their homes. The screenshot has been fabricated.

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