Fact Check-Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is not on house arrest

A satire website is responsible for claims that Amy Coney Barrett is confined to her home by military personnel. A review of the about section of the Real Raw News website reveals the disclaimer “This website contains humor, parody, and satire.” The Coney Barrett article also falsely claims that former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is deceased. Both claims are false.

Different variations of the Amy Coney Barrett house arrest claim can be seen here and here . Comments like “IT'S HAPPENING FOLKS IT'S GOING DOWN!!!” and “The MILITARY is about to pass POWER back to TRUMP after the rest of the SEALED INDICTMENTS get UNSEALED!!” show that some users believe the false claims about Barrett’s arrest.

Recent appearances by both Clinton and Barrett dispel the false claims by Real Raw News.

Clinton can be seen here in a recent virtual appearance for The Meteor here dated May 18, 2021.

Amy Coney Barrett’s last public appearance was for the official 2021 Supreme Court group photo seen here on April 23, 2021. Barrett can also be seen here in ABC News video footage from Friday, April 23, 2021.

The website Real Raw News publishes with minimal factual evidence and verifiable sources and adds a note with a disclaimer that states “we have included this disclaimer for our protection on the advice on legal counsel.” (here)

Reuters has previously debunked false claims by Real Raw News here and here .

The claim regarding Amy Coney Barrett’s alleged house arrest has also been fact-checked by Snopes and can be seen here .

The language used in the article (here) suggests a connection to the QAnon conspiracy theory. This often alludes to “a secret campaign” being allegedly waged by U.S. President Donald Trump against a sex trafficking ring that includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and “deep state” allies (here).

Representatives from the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.


False. Claims that Amy Coney Barrett is on house arrest are false.

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