Fact Check- Pictures of public figures altered to include t-shirt with anti-Trump message

Images of public figures including former U.S. president Barack Obama and actor Brad Pitt have been digitally manipulated to include a message against Donald Trump on their t-shirts.

The alleged t-shirts include the words “Keep America TRUMPLESS” and either a U.S. map with the U.S. flag or the flag itself.

An iteration showing Pitt posted on Feb. 9, 2022 has garnered at least 327 shares as of the writing of this article ( ). Another example is viewable ( here ). The original image, dated Aug. 28, 2019 shows him wearing a plain grey t-shirt and can be found on the Getty Images website ( ).

The picture of Obama ( here ) ( here ) traces back to 2019. No message is viewable on his t-shirt in the original photo, credited to Revolver/BACKGRID and viewable in a Daily Mail article ( here ) (see second image in the piece).

A picture of Jennifer Aniston in 2018 has also been altered ( here ) ( here ) ( here ). The unedited version viewable on Getty Images and credited to GC Images depicts her with a plain black t-shirt ( here ).

A photo of Hollywood action star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the 2014 movie “San Andreas” has also been manipulated ( here ) ( here ). The original image is viewable on the Alamy site ( here ), he is wearing a navy t-shirt with the text: “Los Angeles Fire Department.”

Other images that have been edited with the same message include one of actor Tom Hanks ( here ) ( here ), CNN anchor Anderson Cooper ( ), ( here ), ( here ) and one of musician Bruce Springsteen ( here ) ( here ) ( here ). See the original images ( here ), ( here ) ( here ).

Some online do recognize the images are a work of digital manipulation, but others don’t. “Love this guy... even more now!,” a Facebook user commented on the Brad Pitt edited photo. “Anderson that’s great!” and “Whether you like Jennifer Aniston or not, her shirt rocks,” other users wrote.

Reuters has previously addressed images of celebrities altered to include political messages on their clothing ( here ), ( here , here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).


Altered. Images of Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks, Anderson Cooper and Bruce Springsteen have been edited to include a message against Donald Trump on their t-shirts.

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