Fact Check-No evidence Arizona governor-elect talked about ‘turning off voting machines’

There is no evidence that Katie Hobbs, the governor-elect of Arizona, has spoken about “turning off voting machines” to “protect democracy.” An image shared on social media falsely attributes these quotes to Hobbs and some are pointing to them as signs of election fraud in the state.

An image purporting to show that Katie Hobbs allegedly said: “Turning Off Voting Machines Was Necessary to Protect Democracy” can be seen (here). The same image is viewable on Facebook (here) and (here).

Users responding to the image circulating online are taking it as proof that Hobbs was involved in election fraud via voting machines, echoing a misleading narrative of widespread voter fraud in the state previously debunked by Reuters (here), (here), (here).

However, there is no record of Hobbs, Arizona’s current secretary of state, mentioning that voting machines were intentionally turned off to “protect democracy.” A spokesperson for Hobbs also told Reuters that the quote has been falsely attributed to her.

The source cited for the quote, “Manta Tribune,” is presented with calligraphy-style typography that can be mistaken as a news agency. However, “Manta Tribune” does not appear to be an authentic news organization, and a search does not return any relevant results for the name (

Reuters has searched for the quote online using the keywords ( and found two results from humor-based websites (here) and (here).

Amid news reports of malfunctioning vote tabulation machines in Maricopa, the state’s most populous county, Reuters reported that the attorney general’s office has demanded that Maricopa County officials provide a report on the voting machine issues that caused some delays in the battleground state (here).

On Nov. 14, Hobbs defeated Republican Kari Lake in the state’s gubernatorial race (here).


False. There is no evidence of Katie Hobbs saying that voting machines were turned off to protect democracy, and a spokesperson for Hobbs confirmed to Reuters that the quote has been misattributed.

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