Fact Check-Video does not show Australian children with COVID-19 being separated from their parents

Australian children who test positive for COVID-19 are not being separated from their parents, local police have said, after such a claim was made in a now-viral video.

Footage of a young child being pulled from a man by police officers has gained thousands of views across TikTok (, Twitter (here , here ,) and Facebook (here , here , here).

One popular tweet says: “This is Australia. Reports of children testing positive for Covid are now being separated from their parents. #COVID19Vic #COVID19 #NoVaccinePassport” (here). Some users criticised the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in response (here) and others warned the video was evidence that COVID-19 regulations were a slippery slope towards tyranny (

However, police from the south-eastern state of Victoria said the claims were untrue.

Victoria Police tweeted on Aug. 20: “Victoria Police can confirm this is inaccurate. This vision was in no way related to Covid/vaccinations or testing. For the privacy of those involved, we will not be providing any further details.” (here)

Reuters has debunked COVID-19 misinformation relating to Australia before, such as a video said to show forced vaccination in Sydney (here) and claims that Western Australian legislation revealed plans to harm citizens (here).


False. Police said a viral video did not show Australian children with COVID-19 being separated from their parents.

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