Fact Check-Image of truck with text calling for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to resign is digitally-altered

An image of a motorway blocked by a truck emblazoned with a call for Australia’s prime minister to resign has been shared widely on social media, despite it being photo-shopped.

Text viewable on the side panel of the truck reads: “Australia has spoken! Step down Scott Morrison!!”

Examples of the image can be seen (here , here and here).

One individual added in the comments: “Much respect! The world is watching.” Another social media user said: “Hope to see the same thing in Quebec! Go Australia!”

On Aug. 30, truck drivers protested COVID-19 restrictions in Australia (here and here).

However, the image is not related to the Aug. 30 demonstrations. It has been digitally altered to add text calling for Morrison’s resignation.

The original photograph is viewable on stock image platform Shutterstock, where no text can be seen on the side of the truck (here).

Australia plans to start easing COVID-19 restrictions once 70% of those aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated (here).

The requirement for COVID-19 vaccinations will come into effect from Sept. 17 for residential aged-care workers in the country (here and here).

Reuters has previously addressed a misrepresented image claiming to show thousands gathered at an anti-lockdown protest on Bondi Beach (here).


Altered. The image is not of a protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Australia. It was taken from a stock image website and text was later digitally added onto the side of the truck, calling for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to resign.

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