Fact Check-Claim of WEF election partnership with Victoria, Australia, intended as satire

A satirical social media post about a partnership between the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Australian state of Victoria during the latter’s election period has been taken seriously by some online users.

According to the Oct. 25 post, which was originally seen on an account describing itself as “Fake News in the Economic Zone Formerly Known As Australia” which is located in “Great Southern Satire Province”, the Victorian Election Commission (VEC) had announced that the WEF would “oversee and count the votes” of the upcoming state ballot (here).

Screenshots of the tweet were later reshared on social media without context of the satirical intent, leading other users to believe the claim to be authentic (here , here and here).

One user said it was evidence that the Nov. 26 vote would be “all rigged”.

In response, the VEC said on Twitter: “This is completely false. We have not partnered with the WEF or any other organisation to count votes for the State election” (here).

The VEC also replied to the Twitter account that originally shared the claim, saying that while it appreciated the spoof intent, “spreading false information about electoral processes is no joke.”

The commission added: “Our votes are counted by election staff and supervised by scrutineers appointed by candidates.”


Satire. The account originally sharing the claim is clearly marked as satirical.

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