Fact Check-Australian Prime Minister did not tweet that $2.4 billion fund would be given to WEF

The Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese did not tweet to say that a $2.4 billion fund would be given to the World Economic Forum (WEF) over the next three years, contrary to a screenshot circulating online. The tweet was published by a satirical Twitter account mimicking the newly appointed prime minister.

The screenshot shows a tweet sent via the account @AlboMP with an image of Australia’s newly appointed prime minister at the top left of the screenshot. The text of the tweet reads: “Australia will fund $2.4 billion over the next 3 years to support the World Economic Forum, which is currently hosting the 2022 meeting” ( here ).

One user who shared the screenshot on Facebook said: “If you had any doubt on ‘albos’ allegiance. See what you’ve voted for...” ( here ).

An individual who shared the image on Facebook commented: “Didn't take long for this puppet to show who his master's [sic] are” ( here ).

Another user said: “He's only just got in and it's already downhill all the way” ( here ).

Other examples of the screenshot shared on social media can be found ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).

The tweet was not posted by Albanese’s Twitter account it was posted by a satirical Twitter account.

A Twitter search revealed that the tweet was originally posted on May 23, 2022 by an account mimicking the prime minister with a description stating that the account is satirical ( here ). An archived version of the satirical tweet and Twitter profile can be viewed ( ) and ( ) respectively.

The name of the Twitter account reads: “Anthony Albanese Australian Labor Parody.

A Twitter advanced search did not reveal any such tweet published by the official Twitter account for the Australian Prime Minister ( ).

A search through an archive of Albanese’s deleted tweets via Politwoops similarly did not reveal any such tweet ( here ).

Reuters did not find any news articles reporting that the Australian government intends to provide a $2.4 billion fund to the WEF.

Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Australia’s 31st prime minister on May 23, 2022, with Labor returning to power after nine years in opposition ( here ).


Satire. The newly appointed Australian Prime Minister did not tweet to say that a $2.4 billion fund would be given to the World Economic Forum (WEF) over the next three years. The tweet was posted by an account mimicking Albanese with a clear description that the account is satirical.

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