Fact Check-Fabricated Ayanna Pressley tweet claiming IQ is a measure of whiteness shared online

A fabricated screenshot has been circulating online purporting to show a tweet published by Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley claiming that IQ is a “measure of whiteness.”

The image shows a tweet apparently published via Rep. Pressley’s official Twitter account (@AyannaPressley) sent on June 15, 2021, that reads: “IQ is a measure of whiteness.”

Examples of the image can be viewed (here) and (here).

A spokesperson for the congresswoman said: “No. Rep. Pressley never tweeted this.”

A Twitter advanced search did not reveal any such post published via Pressley’s official Twitter account (

Archived versions of her Twitter account saved on June 17, 2021, similarly, do not reveal the tweet (here).

An archive of Pressley’s deleted tweets saved via ProPublica's Politwoops does not reveal any such deleted post first published on June 15, 2021 (here similar archive of Pressley’s deleted Twitter posts saved via Polititweet does not reveal the post (here).

Google advanced search does not reveal any media articles reporting on the purported tweet, and instead, reveals iterations of the image shared via meme sites such as iFunny (


False. No such tweet was published by Rep. Pressley.

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