Fact Check-Clip from Azerbaijani TV series showing man dancing is unconnected to September 2022 Iran protests

A clip has been shared online in September 2022 with claims that it shows a father of an Iranian woman dancing at her funeral after she was killed by police during recent protests in Iran. The clip is not recent, and instead has been online since at least June 2018 and uploaded by an Azerbaijani TV network.

The clip shows a man dancing alone, in distress, with men gathered behind him. Another man steps forward to comfort him when he appears to be overcome with sadness.

Users shared the clip widely in 2022 with claims it was filmed during protests, with examples online viewable (here), (here).

The clip is not recent, and instead, has been online since at least 2018 and featured in a clip uploaded by an Azerbaijani TV network. The clip is viewable at 23s, with the description of the footage stating that the video showed scenes from a fictional show titled ‘Ata ocagi’ with a theme of family conflict, directed by Rufat Shahbazov (

Later clips of the drama uploaded to YouTube feature the man who can be seen dancing in the aforementioned clip and the videos circulating online (27s) (, (5s) (

Other images and an interview with the actor seen dancing in the clip, Gurban Ismayilov, is viewable (here).

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old from the Iranian Kurdish town of Saqez, was arrested this month in Tehran for "unsuitable attire" by the morality police who enforce the Islamic Republic's strict dress code for women (here).

Her death has caused the first big show of opposition on Iran's streets since authorities crushed protests against a rise in gasoline prices in 2019. The demonstrations have quickly evolved into a popular revolt against the clerical establishment (here).


False. The clip was not filmed during protests in Iran in September 2022 and instead, the video has been online since at least 2018 and was uploaded by an Azerbaijani TV network.

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